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Webb” site (maps
to Brownsville and
Webb Road law office)

Country lawyer – admitted to practice
in Kentucky and U.S. District Court
(Western Kentucky), U.S. 6th
Circuit Court of Appeals and
the U.S. Supreme Court.

Practice limited to
probate, contracts
and real estate
(retired from
civil rights,
criminal law
and litigation)


Natty Bumppo, Attorney at Law, Box 413, Brownsville KY 42210, U.S.A.,
bumppo@borfents.com (fax modem disengaged).

A.B., Indiana University, 1962; J.D., Northwestern University, 1973.

Admitted to bar, Illinois Supreme Court, 1973 (retired, 2000),
Kentucky Court of Appeals (now Supreme Court), 1974,
United States District Court (Western Kentucky), 1975,
United States Court of Appeals (Sixth Circuit), 1982,
and the United States Supreme Court, 1988.

Master Commissioner, Edmonson (County, Kentucky) Circuit Court, 1995 - ;
Instructor, Western Kentucky University, 1995-1999;
Edmonson County (Kentucky) Attorney, 1978-1982.

Representative clients: Playboy model Lisa Hammond; murder accusée Delores Hayes
(featured in television show “On Trial”); Computerland (Bowling Green, Ky.).

Born June 16, 1940, Rushville, Indiana, sub nom John Edwin Dean; changed
name to Nathaniel John Balthazar Bumppo, 1974 (see June, 1975, issue of
Esquire magazine
). Married five times (divorced only four). Two children.

Author, War Stories: The Memoirs of a Country Lawyer
( Borf Books, 2005), available also as an audio book

Jadwiga Stories  (Borf, 2011)

The Indiana Torture Slaying (2d ed., Borf, 1999)
[original edition Bee-Line Books, 1966;
republished as House of Evil by St. Martin's Press, 2008)]

Ideas for a Better America (Borf, 1980)

The Columbus Book of Euchre (Borf, 1982, 1999)

 Lonely Hearts (Borf, 1992)

"Dear sir (you cur):" (Borf, 1997)

and articles including “The Summer of New Mexico & the Acid Cowboys,”
Rolling Stone (July 9, 1970);  “Why I’d Rather Be Natty Bumppo than
John Dean (Wouldn’t Everybody?),” Esquire (June, 1975);
“Cribbage Solitaire” (published only on line), and
“A Fable: The Case of the Half-Rotten Apple” (1993), in War Stories.

Editor & publisher, A Rug Before My Time: The Memoirs of Pecker
the Cat
(Borf, 1982); The Sackbut Tapes (Borf, 1998), and the
weekly internet newsletter Tabloid Headlines. (back to top)

Reporter, Terre Haute Star, 1960; Associated Press, 1962-1963; Indianapolis
Star, 1963-1967 (first beard in city room, 1967); Detroit News, 1969.

Indianapolis Press Club Award for Consistently Outstanding Reporting, 1967.

Copy editor, Indianapolis Star, 1967; Chicago Sun-Times, 1967-1968,
1969-1974; San Francisco Examiner, 1968; Detroit Free Press, 1969.

Bartender, Golden Horse Shoe saloon, Oakland, Calif., 1968.

Candygram delivery man, Western Union, San Francisco, Valentine’s Day, 1969.

Mail order minister, Universal Life Church (bonded to perform marriages), 1974 - .

Composer of Redneck Breakfast,” Arkansas Gate,” The Junction,”  “Bertie's Girls,”
The Cubs Is Dead”  and other greatfolk and country songs that haven’t exactly
busted the charts (the first two links are to short primitive movies; the third is to
a song with story, photos and map, and the last two are YouTubes).

A song about Bumppo.

A movie starring Bumppo.

Placed 7th in old time banjo competition at Official Kentucky Old Time Fiddlers Contest, 1983.

Articles about Bumppo on line: In the
Amplifier (with video interview);
in the Louisville Courier-Journal,
and in Eric Shackle’s e-book from Oz:  Here, here and here.

“Bumppo’s greatest lasting contribution to his chosen field is likely to lie
in the realm of creative law, or entertaining law, which to my mind
involves saving the law from itself, and
[his] booklet’s [Ideas for a
Better America
’s] most useful proposals operate in this arena. . . .
– Michael Miner, in the Reader (Chicago, September 12, 1980).

Further examples of “creative law” can be found in Bumppo’s 1997 pub-
"Dear sir (you cur):", including correspondence
over the incorporation of New Year’s Eve Inc. with the Kentucky
Secretary of State (who was fucking with the corporation’s future),
and in his War Stories: The Memoirs of a Country Lawyer (2005).

The Law East of the Pecos

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