Mintage: 47,500

Type: 4'c

Recommended Grade: XF40

The 1845-O eagle has floating hair curls behind the neck of Liberty. This is the result of die rehubbing.

There are three varieties of the 1845-O eagle. There is a "normal date" variety, a variety with some repunching at the base of the 84 of the date, and a fully repunched date. Only the third variety merits a premium. Douglas Winter states that this is a Large Date over Small Date repunching, and that the first stripe in the second pair of stripes on the shield always has the top broken off. One has to wonder if the broken stripe is somehow related to the "ring" varieties of the 1849-1853 dates.

Auction results for 1845O

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
40$431N9/97 $400A6/97 $299N6/97
45$606N11/97 $506N2/97

Auction results for 1845O Repunched84

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date

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