Mintage: 291,451 Proof: 1?

Images (Courtesy of Teletrade)

PCGS XF40 Obverse

Type: 5c

Recommended Grade: XF45

According to Breen, a single proof was minted as part of a set for the Congressional Committee on the Library. Small Date and Large Date varieties exist, a Large Date variety exists with the base of the '1' strongly doubled.

The 1850 Large Date is one of the most common No Motto dates. The Small Date is much more scarce.

Auction results for 1850 LargeDate

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
40$242A5/98 $248N10/97
45$264A1/98 $253N1/98
50$379P10/97 $337A12/96 $421P8/96
53$400P6/97 $448P1/97
58$1107P10/97 $935N2/97

Auction results for 1850 SmallDate

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
40$546N1/98 $633P1/98 $633P10/97
50$1265P10/97 $1705P2/97

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