Mintage: 15,105 Proof: 50

Type: 5d, 6d

Recommended Grade: XF40

Breen states that many of the proofs were melted as unsold.

There are two significant varieties for the 1860 Eagle, the 'rounded bun' and 'bulging bun'. Liberty's hair is bound by strings of beads. There are three folds, or buns. The middle bun is either rounded or bulging, hence the variety name. The 'bulging bun' variety was last minted in 1847. It is curious that it would be revived thirteen years later, perhaps a long-shelved hub was brought into service by the Philadelphia mint.

Auction results for 1860

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
40$448P11/97 $440P5/97
50$1111P4/98 $1100N2/97 $1028P9/96
53$825N5/97 $1650N3/97

Auction results for 1860 PR

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date

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