Mintage: 3,140 Proof: 50

Type: 5e, 6e

Recommended Grade: AU55

This excerpt from "The Gobrecht Eagle Quarterly", a short-lived journal of the Liberty Eagle: "The working dies for the Philadelphia 1867 business strike Eagle had apparently received mastering impressions first from the six-fold, bulged contour obverse master, followed by an impression from the five-fold, rounded contour obverse master. As mentioned above, both masters certainly existed and were used that year, the six-fold or bulged contour master for the proof 1867 Eagle issues, and the five-fold or rounded contour master for the business 1867 San Francisco Eagles." The relevance here is that the 'rounded bun' shows up on a Philadelphia Mint Eagle for the first time since 1861, although the 'bulging bun' (sixth-fold) is adjacent though in much lower relief.

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