Mintage: 26,100

Images (Courtesy of Teletrade)


Type: 6e

Recommended Grade: XF40

David Akers, in his 1980 book on the $10 gold series, wrote about the 1878-S Eagle that "I can think of no U.S. gold coin of comparable rarity that has been more ignored and lightly regarded than the 1878-S Eagle." This statement was endlessly quoted thereafter in auction catalogs.

The 1878-S is readily available in VF and XF. It becomes scarce in AU. Akers comments may have been true in 1980, but not by 1993.

In August 1993, Coin World Trends for an 1878-S Eagle in AU50 was $9500. Less than three years later, the Trends price had fallen to $1900. Two morals: 1) don't place too much faith in published prices, and 2) don't pay a huge premium for a higher grade.

Auction results for 1878S

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
35$316P12/97 $358P10/97 $274P9/97
40$400N7/97 $580P12/96 $448P9/96
45$580P12/97 $553A11/96 $606N10/96
50$935N9/97 $1100P2/97 $1540P6/96
55$2268P11/97 $1725P8/97

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