Mintage: 3,877,260

Type: 6f

Recommended Grade: MS60 or MS61

The 1881 has the highest mintage of any Liberty Eagle, although it is not as common as the 1901-S in higher mint state grades.

So, it is not surprising that some varieties exist. One has an ostensibly doubled die reverse. Another has a raised dot with the upper loop of the second '8'. A third variety has a die chip within the eagle's beak.

Auction results for 1881

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
53$209P2/97 $242P8/96
55$242A6/98 $209P2/97
58$263N2/98 $253P10/96 $263P6/96
61$232A11/97 $274P10/97 $242A2/97
62$316P2/97 $337N1/97
63$896P6/98 $719P6/97 $748P9/96

Auction results for 1881 Breen-7003

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date

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