Mintage: 103,732

Images (Courtesy of Teletrade)

PCGS AU55 Obverse

Type: 6f

Recommended Grade: AU55

One variety has a clearly repunched mintmark, the second "C" originally punched too far to the right, then partly effaced. This variety also can have die cracks on the obverse stars.

The 1891-CC Eagle is by far the most common Carson City mint in the series, and the only one found readily in mint state. In fact, it is more common than many other Philadelphia or San Francisco dates that are priced much lower, due to type set demand for the Carson City mintmark.

Auction results for 1891CC

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date
50$358P9/97 $421N12/96 $358P11/96
53$448P1/98 $358N9/96 $379P8/96
55$474N4/98 $358P1/98 $379A8/97
58$440N4/98 $407P11/97 $418P9/97
60$527P4/98 $448N8/97 $606P1/97
61$764P2/98 $880P2/98 $575N1/98
62$3565N6/98 $920N3/98 $1045P2/98
63$8050N6/98 $5060N2/98

Auction results for 1891CC Breen-7035

Grade Result Date Result Date Result Date

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