1944 Orton 30-inch Planer


This is Orton. It used to be in the Universal Studios prop shop, then was bought from Universal by one of the managers of that shop. I traded a Jeep Scrambler (CJ-8) for it in 1988.



Pre-1910? Crescent 32-inch Bandsaw


This is an old bandsaw which I restored in 2000. It is probably about 100 years old, but not positive of the birth date. Crescent machine made the castings, and the saw looks exactly like the 32" saw in the 1903 Crescent catalog I found on the Old Woodworking Machines Website, but only the Silver Mfg Co plate was visible when I got it and the Crescent Machine letters were ground down and painted over. Don't know why they'd do that, unless they were repairing and reselling old machinery bought cheap, or maybe they just wanted all the machinery in their shop to say Silver. If you know any history of the Silver Mfg or Crescent Machine companies, let me know!


The motor and pulleys are additions I put on. It was originally used with a line shaft and 4 inch leather belt. There was no blade guard when I got it, and the old catalog seems to show that only the downward moving portion of the blade used to have one. I made a new guard out of oak. The base, tool/switch/light box and pulley mounts are also oak.

Steam Bending Wood!


This is a steam box and boiler I made, cooking up some arms for a love seat, prior to bending them onto a form. This is in a campground in Big Bear Ranger District.


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