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Hi, I'm Buster. I'm a thirteen-year-old dog who is blessed with a loving Master and a pestiferous ex-puppy roommate. The ex-puppy (now a big bully) is named Dioji, and Master calls himself Zarka. Here we are on a hike. Zarka does all kinds of stuff while I guard the house, hunt gophers, sleep in the grass and play with the ball. We used to live with a pony, but not any more. This particular pony was a very good boy. He would scratch my favorite spot, and all I had to do was chase him around the stable.

I know lots of tricks, like shake, hold, roll over and BANG! BANG! you're dead! I can also break-dance.

If you have a dog, you can check out these cool sites:

 If you have varmints eating your garden plants, digging for them is surely a blast and a half. I'm teaching the puppy how to hunt gophers, but as you might guess, the capture rate is pretty low. Have your master get a Gopher trap and then he can give you the critter to play with when they get caught.

 Did somebody say play ball?

 If your annoying puppy is getting into things he shouldn't, try one of these great ultrasonic pain blasters.


You are the th person to sniff my butt!


My Master has donated these fine photos of other dogs he had for my website:


Zoob (that's Russian for "tooth")

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