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WITH ALL OUR LOVE, past and present.

To all my residents, that I have loved, and taken care of, and are gone from this world, I have not forgotten you. This page is for you. Walk with the Angels.
I have watched you take your last breath, and go with the Angels to meet your destiny, not to leave us in this sometimes confusing world alone...... You are our Angels now, to help watch over our surviving residents, and the caretakers to help them be who they are.
My love to you... Shari
God Be with all of you now. I Miss You.!!

This page is strictly for dedications to a Resident, Family member, Friend, and would like to say..You are loved. (living or deceased) and by all means, if you want to express a gratitude to a Caretaker.

I would like to dedicate this to KIM HAYES
August 1964 - August 1997

Kim you left 2 days before your birthday, we miss you. I see your lovely girls Lucy and Jessie. They miss you but are doing as well as they can.

Kim was a histologist, enjoyed her profession and where ever she went there was happiness and love. A very careing and giving lady. Kim hope you and your sister Debbie are having fun running and playing together somewhere in the beautiful universe.
Love, Sage

I would like to make a dedication to my mother-in-law Edie, who passed away in May, 1991. She went peacefully, in her sleep at the age of 65, six months after a major heart attack.

She was not just the mother of my husband, she was my second mom and best friend. Someone I could go to, talk to and have fun with.

God Bless you Edie because I know you are with and caring for our baby Denise in God's garden.
(((((HUGS))) Dixie

I would like to place a dedication on your page to my mother. She was under the auspices of Hospice and went with the angels in October of 1995. Her name was Lucille Hambrick - and we miss her terribly. My sister and I took care of her in her last days and were with her when she met the angels - and know she is safe with God.
Love Jeri

I would like to make a dedication to my Mother in Law "Lupe" who died due to a misdiagnosis at Parkland Hospital (Dallas, TX.) emergency room. She had gone in to emergency for abdominal pain. They sent her home with a bottle of "Malox". She died just a few short hours later at home with her family from a rupture in her stomache lining that is almost always repairable.

I pray that all those who are in the profession of caring for others will never forget that the person you are tending is someone's mother, wife, sister, brother and their life does have importance and they are due compassion and the very best medical and physical care at all times. We have lost a family member now because a care provider did not take a life threatening situation as seriously as they should have.

Lupe, we love and miss you.

donna ayala

To my companion:
Robert Walter Grandy, Jr.-Hurst (Bobby)
who Entered into Rest on March 26th, 97. from AIDS

Katharine Hughes Parker-Wells
who Entered into Rest on May 27th, 75. from Cancer

You are the wind beneath my wings.....

and to my residents who have graduated: Winifred, Harriet and Dr. Lehman

For Them....Tony


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