Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) or Home Health Assistant (HHA) is the Direct Care Giver to many. The wages are LOW and the Care In Nursing Facilities is floundering. We are CNA's and we are speaking out about QUALITY CARE. Find out more about "Who we ARE". Quality care will exist if we let our voices be heard !!!
Quality care, is NOT giving your residents .45 minutes of care a day (24 hours) but giving them at least 2.9 hours a day 24 hours) of our care. Some Nursing homes are making CNA's work 12-15 residents skilled care per one CNA. Get out your calculators. One CNA cannot provide good Quality Care with this ratio Experts recommend minimum nurse staffing standards for U.S. nursing homes
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Certified Nurse Assistant Message Board Interact with fellow CNA's See what current information is NOW AVAILABLE for resources for CNA'S. as of 6-17-2000 I added a section of ORGANIZATIONS for CNA's. they include the DCA, Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute and National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform,
6-23-200 ADDED
Information regarding the MALE CNA Task Force
NATIONAL CNA 20 year Club.
PLEASE go to the message board, or LINK directly here to find out HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED :Mandated Minimum Staffing Laws are in Congress they are being haggled over and looked into heavily. CNA's are fighting hard for the laws to protect their residents and give them the care and time they deserve

Patti Green's Article Published in the Journal of Nursing Assistants is Linked here a Must Read Link to HORIZONTAL VIOLENCE
Also, a Sequel is called A Call For Action

Calla Lilly


We are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: We strive to make their days happy and comfortable. We are the ONE on ONE caregiver in their life, we love our Residents having the most contact with them outside of their family members. Although we cannot give them the Care they TRULY deserve, we watch out for them as best we can.


It is the only priority we should have. The Angels walk with us and with our residents, and God gives us the strength to help these people. We lift them we cradle them we need the strength in our loving arms to keep them safe from falls and pain
One of the things you have to have in an environment of helping the disabled and the elderly, is a "Special" kind of love and understanding. These special people take us into their heart also: they and their families put their trust in us daily they depend on us to be there for them and with them to make SURE the care is given CNA's are responsible for ROM (Range of Motion). Feeding., cleaning, showering, giving out snacks,transferring them safely, dressing, doing personal care, walking with them, talking to them and MUCH MORE. (if time allows) .What better way to communicate a wonderful relationship? **Taking Time to Deliver CARE **
God gives us this special feature, and our endurance comes from another power within. Our Hearts. Not our Profits. CNA's don't profit by $$. We Profit knowing our resident is comfortable, clean and fed.
**CNA's are Compassionate** Take the badge for your website display it proudly

The Certified Nurse Assistant
Our Prayer

    As I enter into my place of calling
    I ask for strength as I help those in needing
    Hide my tears for the sick and aging
    and let my smile be the hope they're seeking.
    Guide my hands as they do for them
    The things they cannot do, and we take for granted
    Allow my eyes to see those things
    that make my stay with them a blessing
    Provide the words I need to speak
    To let them know I love them so.
    As I do my work throughout the day
    It is for my residents that I stay,
    and for my residents that I pray

This prayer created by Steve and Shari Allen
Created and written 11-23-97. It is now the official prayer of the CNA's, as we know of no prayer ever written for them.


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