Being an Elf in my view.

I joined Pagecrazy's Website Elves because I enjoy helping others create and fix problems with their websites. Rather than do it for a living, and have it be my source of income, I am here to answer some questions you may have encountered in your site.

About me and what I like regarding websites

I tend to be a stickler for load time, I believe in pages that are under 75k at best, and take about 1 minute 30 seconds to load at 14,400 (which is about the modem speed for many people) maximum.

I have a tendency to want to help create sites that are not too image loaded, as that does tend to make viewers disappear faster, and not look at the site. That includes graphic creations also.(The more images you have to offer, still can be divied out, to save load time)
I am probably the worst elf there is about load time !!! *sorry*

I am not a fancy person. I know nothing about java, except that I only use it when I really have to, I know enough to turn it on and off, not create it. I have found, that little memory computers just plain cannot handle the freeze ups, so I try very hard to create sites that are acceptable for the big computer, and the little relics still out there.

Applets are not my thing, neither are frames, and anything that is a forced view. Though it may be nice for a big fast computer, I believe in simplicity, and many computers out there, still run on 12 megs or less (You're looking at one LOL)

So, Elf Munchkin, what can you do???

To sum it up, I can help with the basics, make your pages easy to work with for most computers and browsers, and keep your pages browser friendly.

I can't help with all the fancy stuff :-)
If that is what you need, or want, a nice page that describes things to the point, is easy to load, simple to view, easy to adjust and work with, pages that work with different browsers and view, Then

You've met the Elf of your dreams.

The logo to find out more about "Elfing" is below. Stop back by if you need some questions answered.

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