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This entire page, is dedicated to Certified Nurse Assistant Related Findings on the World Wide Web.*CLICK ON SUBJECTS OF INTEREST**. It includes, and is not limited to

[Tests] [Dept of Nursing] [Finding House Senate Congressional Bills] [E mail your State representatives] [E mail the Media] [Ombudsman] [Advocate Groups (Advocacy)] [Unions] [Articles] [Government Databases] [Newsletters] [Jobs] [Organizations to Join] [Chat & Mail & Peer Groups] [Miscellaneous]
**PLEASE NOTE**, these links do take you to other sites. Use your back button to return to this site, or in your browser, there maybe an option available to OPEN THIS LINK in a new Window. PLEASE BOOKMARK this site for future reference More will always be added as it is found.

CNA PRACTICE TESTS for CNA Certification

This, is the ASI (Assessment Systems, Inc. where you can take the Nurse Assistant Practice Test, FOR YOUR STATE
it is in PDF format, so you will need something like an Adobe Acrobat reader
Furthermore, Each, for the most part, STATE, has a Seperate website link for your State on where you can go, to receive information on your states NA licensing procedures, or whom to contact.
ASI (Assessment Systems, Inc.)

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All Departments of Nursing/Contact regarding Certification/transfer/etc.
Main Website for all Department of Nursing
*Can be slow at times*
Per State Listing if Available

[Alabama] [Alaska]] [Arizona] [Arkansas]
[Calif. Board of Reg Nurses] [Calif Board of Vocational Nurse] [Colorado] [Connecticut]
[Delaware and DC(District of Columbia have no website = CONTACTS BY PHONE/Fax only at this time]
[ Georgia State Board of Licensed Practical Nurses] [Georgia State Board of Nursing] [Guam and Hawaii have no contact by website. CONTACT BY PHONE OR FAX ONLY]
[Idaho] [Illinois] [Indiana] [Iowa]
[Kansas] [Kentucky]
[Maine] [Maryland] [Massachusetts] [Michigan] [Minnesota] [Mississippi is by PHONE OR FAX ONLY AT THIS TIME] [Missouri] [Montana]
[Nebraska] [Nevada] [New Hampshire] [New Jersey] [New Mexico] [New York] [Commonwealth is by Phone or Fax only at this time] [North Carolina] [North Dakota]
[Ohio] [Oklahoma is Phone or Fax only at this time] [Oregon]
[Pennsylvania] [Puerto Rico is by phone or fax only]
[Rhode Island is by phone or fax only]
[South Carolina] [South Dakota]
[Tennessee] [Texas Board of Nurse examiners [Texas Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners]
[State of Texas Credentialing Forms]
[Vermont] [Virgin Islands by Phone or fax only] [Virginia]
[Washington State] [West Virginia State Board] [West Virginia Board of Examiners] [Wisconsin Dept of Regulation] [Wyoming]
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**PLEASE NOTE** This is updated as the ombudsman information is found.

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Advocacy Groups:

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SEIU Service Employee's International Union
SEIU is the largest nursing-home union in North America, representing more than 100,000 nursing home workers in the U.S. and Canada.
  • The Dignity, Rights and Respect Campaign is SEIU's nationwide effort to improve conditions for nursing home workers and the residents under their care.

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    Congressional Bills in CONGRESS

    Find out what
    Bills are in Congress such as the HR4614 Minimum Staffing Levels and others. For LTC's and Certified Nurse Assistants Then, if you agree or disagree with the Proposal of the Bill go directly below and e-mail your congress person.

    E Mail State Reps in YOUR state

    Let lawmakers know what is on your mind by sending e-mail to members of the United States Congress as well as the President and Vice President
    Mr. Smith e-mails Washington
    NOTHING is more simple to use than a click of a box to choose your State Representative. PLEASE NOTE This is an election Year. NOTHING is more important to CNA's than making sure our reps sign and Pass HR 4614.

    E Mail All Media in all STATES

    Mr. Smith E-mails the Media
    This is a wonderful easy to do way to contact the Media with your concerns

    PATTI GREEN'S Article, written for the Journal of Nursing Assistants, titled "HORIZONTAL VIOLENCE CNA's Biggest Challenge. It was published in the September 1999 Issue
    [HORIZONTAL VIOLENCE] a Must Read Article by Patti Green]

    The Sequel, to this article,(also written by Patti Green) is called A CALL for ACTION it is about SuperAide Syndrome: The Sequel To Horizontal Violence What every CNA needs to know and strive for in their working environment. Every Nursing Home has a "SuperAide" that can do things faster, cut corners and be done In record time, BUT!!! this won't work by "giving orders" and Cheating the New Hiree out of valuable Information.

    Main Certified Nurse Assistant site, with the CNA Prayer, and the WORLD WIDE WEB LOGO, OF THE CALLA LILY
    [ Main CNA Site ]

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    GOVERNMENT Information Regarding N H Databases on the WWW
    Nursing Home COMPARE Government issued Database, It includes, every Nursing Home in the United States and Hospitals. It covers everything about the Nursing Home, as in # of beds, Phones, how to contact, WHO to contact = Ombudsman, and Deficiency reporting

    Nursing Home Report Cards **May require a fee to join**
    Includes, and is not limited to Residents' Conditions: From radiation to restraints, Staffing: From social workers to kitchen workers. Facilities: From dialysis to pharmacy. Health Violations from poor nutrition to drug errors. Safety Violations: From doorstops to fire drills. Repeat Offenses: What problems recur year after year. Health History: How things are resolved year after year. Safety History: Do the facilities pass muster. Bed Distribution: Shows what is available. Ownership: Nonprofit, chain, church, state, etc. Inspection Details: Complaints, red flags, special attention.

    CARE SCOUT Rankings and Ratings for nursing homes, assisted living, home health. Unbiased, objective reports and guidance for eldercare decisions. Read and post consumer opinions. Membership is Free. (at this time) Very extensive Website. Has many offerings. discusses a CNA's role in the LTC, Offers bulletin board and much much more!!!

    You've seen Nursing Home Abuse, You've been asked by family members, where to report it, or You want to give it to someone who needs to report Abuse, This is a Place to get some valuable information
    [Where in your State to report Nursing Home Abuse]

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    JOURNAL of Nurse Assistants

  • Covers Subscription Detail (MUST HAVE for all LTC's !!!)
  • Conventions, Links, Current Issue, Jobs.

    Nursing Assistant Monthly is the only ongoing training and communication program for and about nursing assistants. Based on over a decade of research, this subscription- based program is designed to build the self-esteem and develop the professional skills of nursing assistants. At the core of the program are two components developed by an advisory board of leading national experts:

  • A high-quality, monthly newsletter for every aide - that highlights a particular topic,with the focus on vital interpersonal issues.

    Long Term Care's Newsletter
    , please tell a friend or colleague about it. Anyone can sign up for a free subscription

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    [HOT Nurse Jobs]

    Nurse Aide Jobs has a listing of Salary Information, Salary Survey, Resume Tips, Finding Recruiters, Employer Profiles and Much more
    - "The largest source of on-line healthcare jobs in the world". Job Seekers may use our free resume generator. is free, anonymous and confidential job searching for healthcare positions in the United States, Canada, and Caribbean. We currently have over 20,000 jobs posted on our site -

    JOB RECRUITMENT message board This board is for Recruiters to post a message for CNA/HHA and other . It directly functions with the Public CNA board.

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    Career Nurse Assistants' Programs, Inc is a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization promoting recognition, education, research and peer support amount g nursing assistants. Income derived from membership, subscriptions, donations and commemorative items support our many programs for nursing assistants.
    It includes a 20 Year Club, Career Development, CNA Catalog AND MUCH MORE

    DCA is an alliance of consumers, workers and concerned providers dedicated to ensuring a stable, valued, and well trained direct-care workforce. They believe that the quality of long term care is directly linked to the quality of direct-care jobs. It is workers in these positions who provide the vast majority of hands on care for people who are elderly, chronically ill, or living with disabilities.
    Founded in November 1998 the DCA seeks to improve the quality of long term care by exploring public policies and provider practices that focus on improving the quality of jobs for home care aides, nursing assistants, and other frontline caregivers. The DCA is bringing these workforce issues to the forefront.

    In conjunction with the DCA
    Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute The PHI has a Clearing house, BUT IT NEEDS your help to succeed. They as in their brochure to send them information = ELECTRONIC FORMAT = e mail if possible related to the quality of direct care jobs in YOUR STATE,. They are interested in collecting

  • state surveys
  • legislative proposals
  • best practice Descriptions
  • newsletters
  • articles from your Local media
  • state policy reports
    To find out more how you can contribute to their request e mail or VISIT the Website and let them know you can help.

    National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
    Inadequate Staffing is not a New Problem. Staffing has been a concern for residents and their rpesentatives for decades. While industry representatives blame the staffing crisis on current high employment rates, staffing in NURSING HOMES has been at crisis levels of both high and low employment. It INCLUDES, and HURTS consumers, Healthcare workers and results in Poor quality of Care (resident), Poor quality of Life (resident), and CNA burnout not to mention double shifts, low pay, and hardly enough time for quality family time if the CNA has a family.

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    ONE LIST E MAIL, CHAT in e mail type Mailing Lists

    [Join One List Mail Listing for Nursing Assistant]
    Founded in 4-6-99
    JOINING an e-group is an E-MAIL GROUP. You get messages you reply to them you "chat" in email with ther CNA's. You can have your choice of SINGULAR e mails to come to your mailbox or go to DIGEST and get a daily (if busy) compilation of all e mails sent that day. You can also option to view through LOGGING IN.


    Nursing Hands
    The Leading Internet Community for Nurses. Click on one of the topics below to find or create a PeerGroup. To fully participate in PeerGroups (Discussions, Chat, etc.) you need to register or login.


    **PLEASE NOTE !!**
    This chat room, CNA Chat room is interlinkable with the CNA Message Board. IT IS NOT JAVA ENHANCED. It is self reloadable, and YOU set the interval of reload you prefer.

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    This is a listing, OF ALL THE CNA Websites, that have JOINED the Certified Nurse Assistant WEBRING.
    [CNA webring Index of Sites]

    This, is a general medical Question Forum. In other words, it is available to read for questions and answers to a specific ailment or diagnosed disease, etc
    [Medical Question/Answer Forum]

    This, is a CNA Bookstore, where a purchase at a lower rate can be acheived.
    [CNA Bookstore]
    [Cyber Nurse]
    [Multi Search Engine]

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