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As you all know, the Calla Lily, has been chosen as the CNA's (Certified Nurse Assistant) Flower incorporated with the heart and hands as our CNA Symbol for the (WWW/INTERNET) World Wide Web Symbol.
It allows Other CNA's to see this Symbol on the WWW and know You are a dedicated Professional CNA . It will be put on this site for your use as a CNA as our WWW Symbol.

To all our Health care providers.

I want to send a word of thanks, to all our CNA's, Hospice, Nurses (all levels) and all in our medical profession.

  • This is a thank you, and the only way I can make it go around, is in this special way.

    PLEASE, by all means freely use this logo for your websites. At this time, Until May 15, 2001 I will be redesigning and updating these pages. Please be patient.

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    Symbol Credits
    A lady, a special woman from Bad Girls Org created the hands, heart, Calla from her heart, as a consideration for the CNA's for use as a Pin, or a Logo Symbol. It was wonderful, that she did this from her heart, because we needed a Symbol made. Thanks Cookie !!!

    Credit to Pam North, who helped me push for the CNA's with her suggestion of the CNA prayer, and the advise for the Symbol above.