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  • The CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) Related pages
    [CNA] [CNA Documents]
    [CNA Profession]
    [CNA Diary]
    [Nursing Links]
    [Dedication to a loved one]
    [CNA Webring Instructions]
    [HealthCare Wishes]
    [The CNA Discussion Forum>]

    [ Touch Your Heart Websites] (Personal Websites/Homepages gathered from people regarding Medically related challenges, and stories)

    My General Pages not CNA Related [Break Time]

    [My Christian Side] New, began 9-29-99 UNDER CONSTRUCTION, Lots of wonderful Contemporary Christian Midi's and my own Version of what Faith, and God Means to me, Written in my own words, Not "doused" with Scripture and Spoken from my Heart

    [Missing Children] [General links] [My Family/Friends] [About Me] [My awards I've received] [Pearls, Lace, Roses] [Men's Room]
    [Awards to give to a Friend] [Trucking]


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  • The Bad Girls
  • The Tapestry of the Net
  • The Crazy Ladies Society
  • Crone, Wise Woman, Elder aka CWWE (For Ladies 40+ Years Young)
  • The Garden House
  • The Phenomenal Women of the Web aka TPWOTW
  • Page Crazy's Website Elves
  • Ladies of All Faiths

  • Webrings I am a Part of (Not always complete, as I may join others in time)

    [Bad Girls Webring] [Phenomenal Women of the Web Web Ring] [PageCrazy's Elf Webring] [Angel's Love Webring] [Pet Ring] [Truckers Webring] [The Donut Shop Webring] [Missing Children's Webring] [Faces of Fear Webring (Part of the Missing Children)]

  • Nurse and Nursing Field Web Rings

    [Nurses on the Web Webring] [Emergency 911 Webring] [Nursing Webring] [Hospice Webring] [Hospice Care Webring] [Care Givers Ring]

  • Other things, Disclaimers, Credits, ETC... [ Where I get my graphics from] [Disclaimer (aka WWW Etiquette)] [Ye Olde Medieval Disclaimer]

  • Please don't accuse, before you view !!! Sometimes, I load lots of Stuff in these pages as a "book Mark" If I forget to do it on the actual page. Thanks
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