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You might be asking yourself Why make a Honda Accord Page? Well a lot of other people have been asking that same question. So Ill have to answer that one in two parts. First, Ive been a Accord fan ever sense my mom bought one way back in 1984. My 97 Accord is the fourth Honda Ive owned ,but the first Accord. A highly modified 84 Civic Hatchback was the first to set my sites in the Honda way of life. By the way, the Civic got me second place in the Florida State Truck and Car Show Championship. Next came a 93 Del Sol, Which was the first one in the state of Oklahoma. Then a 94 Passport was next in line for a place in my garage. The ownership fell short of three years due to an unfortunate accident on the roads of Germany. This is when I bought a 97 Accord. This one, Id have to say, the most fun to fix up and drive.

Now that Ive answered Why the Accord? Now its time to answer Why the page? It started out as a quick reference for all the retailers that carried parts and supplies for the Accord which I find on the web. Then, just like my car, I wanted to make it more than your basic list. I needed to make it appealing to the eye. I enjoyed working on it and learning all the codes for HTML was a challenge, and thats what I was looking for. As it became more like real web page and less like a quick reference list I decided to advertise it, and hopefully everyone else would find it as helpful as I do. Plus, I needed something to do on the late nights trying to put my son back to sleep.

Included in the Custom Scratches Accord Site is a number of deferent pages. There is a large selection of retailers to find practically anything you might be looking for. In fact, Ive broken them down into categories (Suspension, Body Styling, Interior Styling, Car Stereo, Engine Performance, and All In One) Then there is a list of links to other Accord related pages. An ever growing collection of images of racing, stock, and modified Accords. I am in the process of creating a 97 and 98 specifications page, with all the information you might need to know. Also in work is an under construction page which has information on my 97 Accord.

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