Lucky    and    Elizabeth    Uniters

Liz and Lucky.Nuff said.They are the hottest teen couple and they're not even together!!Lucky has proved his friendship and loyalty by sticking by Liz,and Liz has proven her friendship and loyalty by sticking by Lucky.They' are the best of friends and have only known each other for a short while.They've kept me watching GH since my baby left(SONNY).Jonathan Jackson and Rebecca Herbst are the most talented teens on General Hospital,heck in daytime!They have great chemistry and talent,I'm sure we'll see a Lucky and Liz couple form Email me your comments about what i should add to this page.

Links,pics,scoops,and more!may i note that some of these were made by the TALENTED SBGirl1!!

Port Charles Online
Best place for GH fans
Come to Gh
Some great stuff people!
S&B fan fiction:By SBGirl1
some great stories!!
The City Of Port Charles
Sonny&Brenda and Lucky&Liz links also
Lucky and Liz Together Forever by:Liz
Lucky adn Liz form a relationship beyond friends
Trapped in a Wine Celler by sharipep
Story envolving Lucky,Liz,and Emily
A Matter Of Trust by:Lori
Liz and Lucky date
You're Still The One by:Bonnie
Lucky and Liz are married with problems
Too Good To Be True by:Bonnie
Liz and Lucky are married as well as Lulu
After the Rape by:Shari
This takes place after Lizzy was raped
Prospectives by:Sarah
Sarah and Nik don't date,Lucky and Em are together,Liz was never raped
Not Again by:Kitty
Someone kidnapps Liz
One Moment in time by:John
Liz's friendship with lucky
Always by:Bonnie
Liz and Lucky are adults
Lucky and Liz transcripts
A few transcripts of Lucky and Liz
Rebecca Herbst Anytime Page
Great Pics!!!
Carlie's Lucky and Elizabeth Pictures
Some GREAT pics of the BEST couple Lucky and Liz
Carlie's Jonathan Jackson Pictures!
Hot Hot Hot~!!~!Nuff said
Carlie's Rebecca Herbst Pictures!
This girl has got it all!Lots of GORGEOUS Pictures

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