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Music Theory Resource Page

Beginners Basic Music Theory Course
Free Music Note Theory
Christian Music Resource Site Musicman's - Musician's, Music Theory, Cool Site
General Music Resources
Latin Jazz Music Publishing/Composition Online Ear Training & Music Theory
Dansm's Guitar Chord Theory  

Musician's Music Resources

The Piano Education Page Music Resources for Teachers - Lots of stuff for Kids!!

VIP Events - The only online music fair. Over half a million items to buy direct from your PC. Also includes superb resource section for music fans

Publish Your Songs.COM - UK Online support system for unsigned songwriters & lyricists.

Guitar Stop Music Store-new used guitars & basses. Buy, Sell Trade, Repair & Lesson

World Music Supply.com - World Music Supply: Online retailer of quality musical instruments from top manufacturers.

Get Some Culture>

Tonart's Theory Questions

The Study Web - Educators/Students Resource

Music Resources

Musicians Classified

Music Theory-Jazz, Pop, Classical, General

Pianists Resources

Southern Music Company - Jazz Salsa Educational

Sheet Music Online

The Tonal Centre-Music Theory

Latino Music Resources

Evil Bobs Music Theory-Scales/Chords

Online Ear Training & Music Theory

Southern Music Co - Music Organizational Links

Midi Composers Exchange-How to submit Midi Files

Free Online Piano Lessons

JazzKids Music Program

MiBAC Theory Resources

Internet Music Resource Guide


JazzClass-Blues,jazz improvisation

Zebra Music-Helping Musicians Survive

Music Network USA

Pick of the Net Music Resources

La Onda Network

Jazz Improvisation "HOW TO ARTICLES"

Music and More

Music Theory/Chord Structure for Musicians

Garage Loops Revisited - Free audio samples and loops made with software available on the Web.

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Keyboard Resources

Music Resource Site

Music Law for Musicians

The Jazz Webb

Online Musical Network

Jeff Mallett'songwriter Resource Page

Kids Midi - fun links

Jazz Resources on Internet
Jazz Online

Musicians Notation Software

Internet Guide to Live Music

Musicians Resource Page 

Santana's Home Page

Midi Sequencing Tutorial

Musician's Resource Pages

Musician's Recording Software

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