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Welcome to Ed's Music Resources for Musicians!

We have compiled what we believe to be an excellent compendium of Music Resource Links. Novice and advanced musicians should look into our Music Education Gallery for information on Theory, Jazz Improvisation, Guitar Tabs, Ear Training, Guitar and Piano Chords, Free Music Sheets and more.

If you are looking for Free Sheet Music we believe that we have found the best sites on the internet.

Here is a great sheet music site check it out 8notes.com
Freepieces, lessons and riffs for every instrument and every style.

If you're interested in Music Law our music law section has information on Copyright Law, Publishing, Recording Contracts, downloadable Legal Forms, Music Lawyers, and more.

If your a Musician looking for other Musicians or a Band looking for Musicians check out our Musician/Band Page While you are there why not add your band or leave us a personal ad.

If you are new to music or just need some refresher material you must visit Gary Ewer's Music Theroy You will find Gary's online courses useful whether you are a beginner with absolutely no musical background, or an experienced musician who wants to "brush up" a little. Gary's Music Theory page is filled with tons of great resource material. Best of all everything is FREE!

A Passion for Jazz Impressive Resource Rich Site we recommend you take some time to browse here - History of Jazz music origins, styles and musicians featuring photo gallery, timeline, festivals, webcasts, piano chords, scales, online lessons and teacher locator.

MSSVision MSSVision is the place for Indie Music Videos. Watch or promote your favorite one. Rock, Pop, R&B, Electronica, Alternative Here you can find Music Videos of various genres/they are all Indie-Music-Videos.Indie Artists are just as good as the "major's"! So, watch the videos - it's free! Browse the site and doscover the Best Indie Music Videos!

The vision of GigCity is to empower musicians and music industry professional to unlimited success. GigCity.net provides premier web hosting solutions - optimized for musicians and visual creatives. GigCity.com provides show listings for musicians, informative music business articles and live show and cd reviews.

Aid for Bands - Aid For Bands is a site and team dedicated to aiding and promoting underground musicians from around the world and of all genres of music. Indie Musicians site a must see!

ePercussionist This is a great site for drummers. It features "byting" commentary, current issues and resourses involving the music scene and how it impacts on percussionists.

Finyl Vinyl If your looking for vinyl records this is the place. Selection is enormous. This site is a collecting music mail order store from Canada buying and selling new and used Canadian and foreign pressed rock, pop and country(and more!) LP's,45's,videos and memorabilia. 97,000 items in stock. They welcome want lists!

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Jamesland Studio

Is a full service audio and video production facility with the resources to guide your project from concept to market. Recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design, video production, video editing.

Quam Audio Productions

Digital audio production company in Boulder, Colorado specializing in remote multitrack digital recording, sweetening, compact disc duplication, digital editing, multimedia audio, mixing, mastering, and audio restoration.


MP3 community and promotion site showcasing worldwide unsigned artists and bands.

Recording Connection: a music industry talent placement service with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major recording studios, record labels, radio and TV stations, film studios and video production companies.

The Vinylsale Marketplace

If you are looking for vinyl records or wanting to sell some.... check out the Vinylsale Marketplace.

City Lights Entertainment

City Lights Entertainment's mission is to provide all musicians with everything they are going to need as they work in their chosen field. Everything from car rentals, hotel, airfares, cd manufacturing, web hosting/design and so much more. The best part is it is now found all under one roof!

BRK Mastering

BRK Mastering provides full audio mastering service provided completely online. Top quality cd masters done at a fraction of regular mastering costs without having to leave your house.