Prose Blessing

By Magick, Moondust, and Dreams
To the all encompassing Spirit
And the Muse of Prose
Lend me endless inspiration
To fill these pages
With the Mysteries
Of the soulů








Thank you for visiting my site.  Feel free to peruse through all the pages that are linked on the left.  This is a creative personal web-page with a little of everything, especially poetry and paganism.   If there are some graphics in my site that you recognize please email me so that I can give you credit!  

We are Alive

We are alive
as the Earth is alive,
We have the power to create our freedom.
If we have courage, we can be healers,
Like the sun we shall rise.
If we have courage, we can be healers,
Like the moon we shall rise.


As is above, so below.  What will be, always was. And so goes life, love, ego and spirit.  Spiraling around and around in this game called life...  a roller coaster of thrills... up and down, around and over...  forever changing, forever staying the same.  Then we come back to this; What will be, always was.  As is above, so below!  Love, light, and Blessed Be!

Cerridwen StormCrow

She who loves self, will always be free! C.S.


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