One of the reasons I decided to put up this page is because I found there weren't nearly enough pages devoted to Saitou-sama!  However, there are a few, and all the ones I've found are here no da.  If you want me to link to you, especially if you have Saitou content on your page, email me your url and I'll consider it no da!

Saitou-Specific Things:

| This is a nice-looking, huge site with much info and just about everything you might want to see.

Saitou no Kage | This is a beautfully made site, again with much information.

Saitou Mail | Get free email,!  Cool ne?

The Kagetai | A subsection of Mibu no Ookami, but worthy of special note because it's a Saitou-centric RPG, and I'm psycho about RPGs ^_=

| A wonderfully informative site containing, among other things, lots of historical info about Saitou-sama!

If you find any broken links, please tell me no da!  I'm lazy, but if you inform me, I'll fix them right away na no da!

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