Welcome visitor!  You have entered the antechamber to the shrine of the greatest villain in Rurouni Kenshin (which is, incidentally, the greatest anime of all time), Saitou Hajime. Saitou-sama doesn't like his visitors leaving messes in his temple, so onegai, leave your shoes and any weapons you may be carrying in the alcove to your left.  Secondly, you may leave any offerings (cigarettes or soba would be appreciated) in the offering bowl on your right!

The Man Himself

Ahh, it's the Man himself. Everyone pay obeisance please! Don't mind the smoke, if Saitou-sama can still whip Kenshin's ass after ten-plus years of smoking these, how bad can they be?

And who am I? I am Chichiri no da, guide, curator, and caretaker of this shrine. If you'll follow me *bowing*, I will show you the shrine's directory, and you, dear visitor, can decide where you wish to go. A more detailed explanation of where each link in the directory goes is located just below it! And the webrings to which this site belongs can be found after that!

Temple | Here you will find reasons why Saitou is the greatest character in Rurouni Kenshin, and some facts about Saitou-sama himself.

Images | Here you will find images of Saitou-sama to see and adore, and perhaps some other things too!

Tribute to Kenshin-gumi | Saitou-sama's very own tribute to his, ahem, good friends, the Kenshin-gumi!

Links | This is also fairly self-explanatory, though you may be surprised at what you will find!

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