Pictures of Saitou.  Pictures of Shinsen gumi.  Yay pictures!  Need I say more?

Anou, I guess I should say, after all, that I got these pictures from all over. I think most of the scans from the manga were gotten from Tokio (there's a link to her webpage in the links section of the shrine) and the ones in japanese were scanned by my friend Ben, and altered by yours truely! The others were gotten from.... well...I don't remember. If you recognise one of your pics here and want to chew me out for not crediting you, gomen nasai!  Email me and I'll address the problem the next time I update.  I hope you're not too mad at me...

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First, pictures of the man doing all kinds of Saitou-sama things all on his lonesome...

Saialone1.gif Saialone10.gif Saialone11.gif Saialone12.jpg Saialone13.jpg Saialone14.jpg Saialone15.jpg
Saialone16.gif Saialone17.jpg Saialone18.gif Saialone2.jpg Saialone3.gif Saialone4.jpg Saialone6.gif
Saialone7.gif Saialone8.jpg Saialone9.gif Saitou_1.jpg saitoubloody.jpg saifight.jpg Image18.gif
kenshin032.jpg miko2.jpg miko4.jpg miko5.jpg safutari.jpg saito.jpeg saito.jpg
saitobug.jpg saitou.jpg saitou1.jpg saitou2.jpg saitou3.jpeg saitousl.jpg scan1.gif