Welcome to Saitou-sama's temple!  First, for the particulars!

Name: Saitou Hajime      Other Names: Fujita Goro, Mibu's Wolf

Height: 183cm               Weight: 71kg

Born: 1844

Birthdate: Sometime in January

Birthplace: Tokyo

Zodiac: Capricorn

Bloodtype: O type

Favoured Weapon: Katana  Saitou-sama had a katana that he was even allowed to wear as a police officer, because he had used it since the Bakumatsu.  Unfortunately, the katana was broken by the Battousai in May of Meiji 11

Current Style: Mizoguchi haittouryuu, he is a master of the left-handed horizon strike, Gototsu

Notes: Saitou-sama has a wife! *sigh* Her name is Saitou Tokio.

Other Notes: Saitou Hajime was a real man in the real Shinsen Gumi, way back in the day.  I don't think the original Saitou-sama was as cool as Watsuki-sensei's interpretation, however. *Chichiri no da ducks as flames from Shinsen Gumi fans are sent flying in her direction* Gomen!  Gomen! Can't you take a joke?!

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