The same disclaimers from the image shrine in my honour apply here as well, and since this doesn't need any further introduction...

arigato.jpg | A picture of Sanosuke, all bruised and beaten.

bath.jpg | Don't you have enough decency not to walk in on a woman while she's having a bath, Battousai?

faint.jpg | Apparently even the strong women you hang out with aren't that strong, Battousai.

excuseme.jpg | Ahh, there's no strife in the Kenshin-gumi, is there?

excusehand.jpg | More Hentai behaviour from Himura Battousai.

cantsayit.jpg | Isn't Kaoru cute when she's smashed on Sake?

holdit.jpg | May I say that it's too bad she stopped him?

kaorusurprised.jpg | My favourite expression of Kaoru's - the vacant stare.

kaothreatenken.jpg | Trouble in paradise...

kendown.jpg | A picture of Himura, injured by Jine.  He should be ashamed.

kenflying.jpg | A picture of Himura, having allowed Raijuta to score a hit.  Again, how pathetic.

kenonsword.jpg | Not a great moment for either Sanosuke or Himura.  Sano, because he's being pummelled, Himura because he's wasting his time on a fighter like Sanosuke.

kenhitssano.jpg | Need I repeat myself?

kenshocked.jpg | Apparently Kaoru isn't the only one with a vacant expression.

kidnap.jpg | Shame on you, Battousai!

mouse1.jpg | Isn't this interesting...?

mouse2.jpg | Ahou ga!  It's just a mouse!

nicelydone.jpg | Doesn't Himura realize what's important to him?  He's the one always harping about love, and he turns around and flirts with Fox Lady!

onegai.jpg | I love to watch him beg...

RkSD.jpg | Aren't they all cute?

sanocharge.jpg | Here's Sanosuke about to get beaten again...what a surprise...

sorrysano.jpg | And here's Sanosuke having been beaten again....

spiraleyes.jpg | How dignified, Battousai.  You would never have done that during the Bakumatsu.

well.jpg | Hell hath no fury...

youlooklike.jpg | Sanosuke, bruised, AGAIN.  Doesn't this boy know when to give up?

I hope you've enjoyed my tribute.  Appropriate, darou?

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