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Welcome to Noxopolis, the City of the Night! Here, the Kin live, work and play, enjoying everything the city has to offer!

Noxopolis is a setting for Nightlife, the Roleplaying game of Urban Horror, published by Stellar Games.

The following is a list of prominent Kin in Noxopolis:


Race: Daemon
Faction: Neutral
Aliases: Kyra Melisande

Rumored to be not only the oldest Daemon in Noxopolis, but the oldest Kin in Noxopolis, Kymaera is the city's information broker. She's close-mouthed about her past, but rumors persist that a number of ancient idols to various goddesses, as well as several depictions of mysterious women dating back to ancient Rome bear a striking resemblance to her. When asked, she simply gives the querant a small, secret smile, and quips that a true lady never reveals her age.

Whatever the case, Kymaera has been in the city for as long as it has existed, and is its chief information broker. There's a saying among the city's Kin: "If Kymaera doesn't know about something, chances are it's not worth knowing."

She owns and operates The Dark Side, the city's foremost club for both Kin and Herd. All Kin factions mix freely there, even members of the Complex and the Morningstar Corporation, a fact which strains Kymaera's relations with the local representatives of the Commune, but so far nothing has come of this.

Appearance: Kymaera's preferred form is that of a voluptuous blonde in her early thirties with sea-green eyes and a porcelain complexion. She has a preference for power suits, and always wears a silver choker. In her true form, she looks much the same, but she has red-tinged skin, small horns sprouting from her temples, and leathery, ruby-red wings sprouting from her shoulders.


Race: Wyght
Faction: Neutral, with ties to the Commune

The bouncer for The Dark Side, Ketch is a Wyght of few words. No one knows how long he's been one of the Kin, but sometimes, when he's in a nostalgic mood, he talks companiably about the Alamo.

When he's not working the club, Ketch spends much of his time with his friend Roxanne, a vehicular Animate in the shape of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The precise details of the depth of their relationship are unknown, but some of the Kin have discovered that Rocky's telepathic conversations are somewhat...emotional where her Wyght partner is concerned.

Appearance: Ketch is a typical Wyght, with pale, dessicated skin and a shock of pure white hair. He prefers to dress in motorcycle leathers.

Angela and Demona

Race: Daemons
Faction: Neutral
Aliases: "Angie" (Angela) and "De" (Demona)

Angela and Demona are twin Daemons in the employ of Kymaera who act as her aides-de-camp. Rumor has it the two are actually Kymaera's daughters, but neither she nor they have deigned to comment on the subject. Whatever the case, they are steadfastly loyal to their employer.

Unlike Kymaera or Kimiyo, the Ubo bartender, Demona and Angela are still in their first natural lifespan, a bare twenty-three years of age. They know little of their ancestral home in the Twisted Dimensions, and in any case wouldn't give up their current life for a place they've never seen.

When not in the club dancing the nights away, the two are often seen in the company of Adrian Blanc, the Daemon musician. They share his favors equally between the two of them, and sometimes include the sorcerer Val Tregarde in the fun. They are often seen in The Dark Side, sometimes with an attractive Herd male or two as both companion and food.

Appearance: Angela and Demona are two beauties with the same blue-green eyes, porcelain complexions, and voluptuous figures. Demona's hair is red, and Angela's black, but otherwise the two are identical. They prefer to dress in outfits that leave little or nothing to the imagination; miniskirts, lace tops, and heels are staples of the ir wardrobes. Over these outfits, they will often wear leather jackets belonging to their beaux des noir. They frequently appear in their true forms in The Dark Side, with small horns, bat wings, and red-tinged skin; on them the effect is somehow more exotic than frightening.

Adrian Blanc

Race: Daemon
Faction: Nightriders
Aliases: Anthony Bonvissuto

Musician, sometime gang-banger, and debonair young Daemon-about-town, Adrian sees life as an adventure to be enjoyed to the fullest. He regularly performs at The Dark Side, and spends much of his spare time in the company of Angela and Demona.

Adrian is a charter member of the Nightriders, a group of young Kin who sometimes clash with the local representatives of the Complex and Morningstar Corporation. Though they've temporarily lost some members, the gang remains staunchly protective of their turf, challenging all intruders.

Appearance: Adrian is eminently drool-able, with long blue-black hair, eyes like pools of midnight, and the face and body of a young god. He prefers to wear tight black jeans and T-shirts, over which he throws on a biker jacket, and lots of silver jewelry. In his true form, he's still very attractive, even taking into account the horns, bat wings, and reddish skin.

Leila Sakuktani

Race: Rakshasha
Faction: Morningstar Corporation
Aliases: Linda Southern, The Princess of Pain

Leila Sakuktani is an up-and-coming member of the Morningstar Corporation. Recently arrived from India, she has advanced rapidly through the ranks, and some whisper that she's being groomed for a position of high authority.

Whatever the case may be, she has made quite a splash on the local scene, both among the Kin and the Herd. She commands two Halfgryr, and has the brutes so wrapped around her finger that they'll do nearly anything she says. Among the Herd, she is a frequent attraction at a number of leather clubs, where she performs as a dominatrix under the title "Princess of Pain." A number of her "customers" have mysteriously disappeared after taking her "out to dinner," but nothing has ever been traced back to her.

Appearance: Leila's preferred form is that of a voluptuous, dark-skinned woman in her twenties with long black hair and stunning green eyes. She prefers to dress in tight leather pants, bodices, and high heeled boots, and always wears a silver skull necklace and earrings. In her true form, she looks much the same, except her skin is a vivid shade of orange, her pupils are slitted like a cat's, and her hands are tipped with sharp, venomous claws.


Race: Vehicular Animate
Faction: Neutral
Aliases: "Rocky"; "The Haunted Harley"

Roxanne was created when a young woman was killed in a motorcycle accident. Somehow, her spirit entered another bike nearby, and thus Roxanne came to be. The trauma of her "rebirth" left the newborn Animate stunned and frightened, and she used her Drain Edge on anyone who tried to ride her.

Fortunately for her, Ketch heard of the "haunted Harley" and realized what it was. He took her in, and Sent her to College; the two have been together ever since. Some have theorized that their relationship goes deeper, but the two always insist they're "just friends."

Appearance: Rocky is a black Harley-Davidson motorcycle with flames painted on her gas tank.


Race: Living Statue Animate
Faction: Neutral; Pro-human

Sorrow was the life's work of a young sculptor. Wanting to be with such perfection forever, he committed suicide after he finished her. She was made the marker for his headstone, and somehow the combination of his love and the sorrow of others over his death infused her with consciousness. Understandably bewildered, she was taken in by some sympathetic Kin who Sent her to College, and she soon adjusted to her new situation.

Sorrow is currently one of the performers at The Dark Side; between performances, she lives in a tomb in the cemetery where she originally came to consciousness.

Appearance: Sorrow is a beautiful young woman who just happens to be made entirely of alabaster. She covers this up by wearing sunglasses and dark scarves over her hair.

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