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Hello there! We're Chris Church and Midori Hirtzel-Church, and this is our very own home page! Even though we both have our own sites, we wanted this one to be "ours" as opposed to "his" or "hers." If you want to check out our other sites, you can follow the links to my site, Black Unicorn Wood, or to Chris's home page, Herne's Wood.

About Us

We're both from Cheektowaga, a suburb of Buffalo, New York, and were married on June 20, 1998. Chris is a civil engineer with the New York State Department of Transportation, and I'm a substitute teacher, working mainly in the parochial grammar schools in the Diocese of Buffalo. We own our own home in Cheektowaga, and share the house with our two cats, a male domestic shorthair named Ari (short for Arislan), and a female domestic longhair named Kerrigan.

Roleplaying with Chris and Midori

Both of us are avid role-players and gamemasters (though I'm probably more into gamemastering [or gamemistressing, as I like to call it] than Chris :-). For the uninitiated, role-playing is a form of interactive entertainment (sort of like improvisational theatre) where you create and then take on the role of a fictional character, and have adventures in a world created by the Gamemaster (or Gamemistress, in my case), a sort of director or referee. Unlike television or other passive forms of entertainment, in role-playing you get to decide what happens to your character. It's sort of like playing make-believe, only for grown-ups. Right now, we're gearing up to GM a Champions game based on the anime series Bubblegum Crisis.

If you'd like to know more about my career as a GM, follow the link to Midori's Roleplaying Page.

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