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We developed this show for two reasons:

1. We love the topic.
2. Saturday and Sunday morning shows are boring.

When we listened to the shows that were on the air in the mornings, we heard the same old thing: Car Repair, Medical Shows, or Gardening. These are ok, but the problem as we saw it was that they were on EVERY station. It's totally futile to find anything else on the air to keep your interest. Hence, the show was born.

We don't have PhDs in history, nor do we claim to be experts on the topic. We are, however, well read and can talk about a variety of topics in an intelligent manner. Think of us as generalists.

Ok, So What?

Who have we had on the show?

Episode 1

Shelby Foote (No Comment Necessary)
Patty O'Day - Expert on 'The Ghosts of Gettysburg'
Kip Lindberg - Curator, Mine Creek Battlefield.

Episode 2

James I. Robertson, Jr. - Author and Historian
Sonny Scroggins - Sergeant, First Kansas (Colored), Reenactor
Kathy Barton - Musician, Civil War Music

Episode 3

Edward Leslie - Author and Foremost Expert on William Clark Quantrill
Randy Thies - Kansas Historical Society, Handled the Burial of Quantrill's Bones.

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