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Coventry Links

Coventry Education Service
Links to Coventry Primary Schools
Links to Coventry Secondary Schools
Links to Coventry Special Schools
Coventry IT Advisory Service
Coventry Education Centre, Dolymoch, Wales
The Coventry and Warwickshire Network
City Council Email Directory

National Offices and Agencies

Department for Education and Employment
Teacher Training Agency
National Grid for Learning
British Council Guide to British Education

Union Links

NUT Waltham Forest
National Union of Teachers
NUT North West
NUT City of Leicester

Education Resources

Please email us with any sites that you have found useful.

General Resources -

Channel 4 Schools
BBC Education
EDEX Resources
UK EduWeb
UK Schools Resources Homepage
Anglia Multimedia
NISS Education Homepage
WWW Virtual Museum

Science Resources -

The Nine Planets
PhysicsEd Physics Resources
Wizards Lab
New Scientist

Maths Resources -


Humanities Resources -

The History Site
History Sites
Irish History on the Web
Sparticus History resources

Schools Links -

Link to schools in Australia
Link to schools in Ireland
Link to Schools in Finland

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