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Created Monday 1 September 1997.

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National Union of Teachers

As a student you are entitled to join all of the Teacher Unions for free. It is important that you join at least one for your own protection. If you run into difficulties during your course and you don't feel you can discuss them with the University - give us a ring - we can often help.

Why should you join the NUT?

The NUT prides itself on being a Professional Association. Our policies are based on Educational Principle. We have taken a strong line in opposing the Green Paper - we believe that performance related pay is the biggest threat to the teaching profession in recent years. We support Inclusion as long as it is properly resourced. All pupils should have the right to go to their local school and receive an appropriate Education. We continue to campaign for reduced class sizes.

In Coventry we represent well over half of the teaching profession. We have won some of the best conditions of service in the country with 20% guaranteed non-contact time in Secondary Schools and 4% in Primary Schools.

Last updated: 11th October 1999
Helen Noble - Secretary (Union Affairs)