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Madame Lady's
Precious Memories
Mad Cool Network
Mad Cool Bronze Award
Totally Groovy Web Site Award
Magog & Lake Memphremagog
Excellent Site Award
Majon's Web Select
Seal Of Excellence Award
Mama & Bogle
Award Of Excellence
Unique Site Award
Manfred Gunther Boffo MGB
Guestbook Award
Maralyn's Poetry Pages
Environment Friendly Web Page Award
Fantasy Web Page Award
Child Safe Web Page Award
Women's Web Site Award
Pet Aware Web Page Award
Marie's Home Page
Award Of Excellence
Market Tek Enterprises (John Skorczewski)
Design Award
Mary Betts
Mary Luvs My Site
Mary's Country Garden
Award Of Excellence
Mary's Mill Pond
Award Of Excellence
Matters Of The Heart
Moth Award 2000
Matt Flogel
Cool Site Award
Mayk's Homepage
Hanse Award In Gold
Mit Freundlichen Grussen
Mean Dog
Angry Puppy Award
Mellifluous Poetic Voices
Felicitous Folly Award For "The Local General"
    June 2002
Melissa's Special Piece Of Heaven
True Beauty Award
Award Of Excellence
Merry Don's Club
Award For Beautiful Home Pages
Locks of Love
MIBS - Swiss Dogs
Thanks Award
Best Friend Award 2002
Excellence Award 2002
Midnight Lady
Award Of Excellence
Midwest Gems "The Iceman"
Best of the Web "Diamond Award"
Miniature horse stud in New Zealand
Award of Excellence
Mohawk Pride
Outstanding Site Award
Poetry Of The Heart Award
Moira's Graphics
Wonderful Site Award
Fabulous Site Award
Mona Lisa
Select Site Award
Mr. John (Lyons)
Award Of Excellence
Mr. Mom
Inspirational Web Site Award
Mrs Dixie's Western Wildlife
Friendship Award
Mrs Leary's Daughter
First Place Award
Multi Award Submit
Great Site Award
Mundane Poetry
Hidden Beauty Award
My Deepest Thought
Award Of Excellence
My Dream Castle
Beautiful Family Site Award
My Free Office
Waterfalls Award
My Hideout
Award Of Excellence
My Little Piece Of Canada
Award Of Excellence 2000
MYLO Science Fiction/Fantasy Ent.
MYLO Gold Award
My Magic Land (Yana)
Award For Elegance
My Roses (Helena)
Heart Award
Mystic Crystals
Award Of Excellence

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