Real Angels On The Web...

You can surf the Net forever & sometimes you are looking for pages that touch you in some way. This page will contain a variety of pages with feeling. I can't say enough about the Ladies Of The Heart Webring & The Softer Side Webring. I firmly believe high quality on Internet is due to these websites!

I will be adding to this webpage when I find other high quality content sites with NO banner ads, web bugs, Link Monster type banners, or tons of "cookies".

I will carefully add to this list. I'm looking for quality, "Down Home" websites, that are helpful, full of friendship, & show love to others. Places that you can enjoy with a cup of coffee & feel better for having found them!

I ran across a lady, Sharen, that is taking time to make a difference in the world. She has a website for crafters wanting to help others. You can make hats for the homeless using her online info or if not "crafty-minded" can send her yarn for hats so she can make more. I'm proud of her & thank her for taking time to care.

If you have yarn you don't need or want to help visit Sharen ~ Hats For The Homeless ~

I've always said "the impossible just takes a little longer" (but it is worth the wait usually). So come back often & visit & see new "Angels On The Web" I've found. Now... I'm on my way to Grandma's House to have iced tea on the porch & to hear the rest of her story. If you get a chance come on over, Grandma always likes company.

See You There!