Ashley Lennon

Welcome to my ASHLEY LENNON page. This page belongs to my favorite cuz AL. She is the person that introduced me to The Beatles(One of the best groups on the world) And I got her into the Monkees. She is a really groovy,Davy-loving-flower-child(which It's really hard to find a sweet person like her these days) She is one of a kind im telling you. She is obbsessed with the Monkees and the Beatles(Which I keep telling her isn't a bad thing) She went to 3 Teen Idol Tours last summer(But I couldn't go cause I had to work GGGGGRRRRR)And I am still upset that she met Davy and got his autograph BUT didn't get one for me. I still love her though. Do me a favor and check out her pages(you won't be sorry,they are so much better than mine)

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Theres nothing you cam do that can be done(Her Beatles page):
The Card-Carrying Red Shoes! (Monkees page):