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I just spilt my page in two. I have one part on the Beatles and the Other part for the Monkees. I have added a few new things two both pages On my Beatles page, I got George up!! I am so glad I got him up. I had gotten soo many emails from different people about him.... I thought not a lot of people had liked him. I was wrong. Well If you think I should added anything or there is a mistake please email me. I am a bad speller, so I am sure there are things mispelled If you want a link of your page on my page let me know! I'll put you on:) Please sign the guestbook. I don't have that many people in it. I got an award! I can't believe it! BTW, if your coming from a monkees webring, I moved them on to my monkees page where they belong;)

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