"One Day she comes in as a guitairist/hippie. She has her guitar case always with her. The next Day she comes dressed as a painter. She looks like a bum with a smock and brush. Thats out art/music teacher"

heh heh our teacher

Danielle is one of the sweetest people I know. Well....... No just kidding:) She rocks. She Loves The Smashing Pumpkins,veruca salt,hole,the cure babes in toYland,bikini kill,and poe(is that everyone??) She likes Fleetwood Mac too. Well really just Stevie. She knows who John Lennon's Father is:) Go Danielle!! She goes to my run-down,piece of junnk school. She loves Tennis and Saturday Night Live. Yeah Chris Kattan! Go Mango

"Love comes in colours i can't deny"

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