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Well im Ashley and I live in South Jersey. Im 14 years old. I started liking the beatles in 5th grade. John Lennon was my favorite right from the start. And when I was a little I use to watch the Monkees on T.V I loved Micky when I was little but last summer I really got into them and now my heart belongs to Davy. Some other bands I like are John Lennon, The Beatles,The Monkees, The Mamas and the Papas,Bobby Sherman, Badfinger, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkle, The 4 Seasons, Neil Diamond,Herman's Hermits, Stevie Wonder , Byrds and the Brady Kids. I really like all 60s music and thanks to oldies 98 I get to listen all the 60s greatest hits:) I have a pain in the neck brother, two Great dane Dogs and a bunny named coco. Somethings I really hate are People who dis the Monkees or Beatles, to weed in the garden, bangers, mean people, Kmart, math, rap music, snobs, Mrs. Cafagna my S.S teacher and scratches in records I play the guitar, play hockey(Go Flyers!!) and listen to the oldies Some of the best shows are THe Monkees Happy Days, Wonder Years, bewitched,SNL, I dream of Jeanie,Brady Bunch Seinfeild, Friends and Bewhitched The one think I really love about the net is the people I have met With out them, I would be losted so I thought I tell ya about me friends on and off the net
Danielle rocks. She loves The Smashing Pumpkins and are going to see them in July. She has been one of my best friends since fifth grade She sometimes gets on me nerves but I love her :)
Kira- AAAAHHH!!! My newest monkee bud! I have known Kira since 5th grade too. She just got hooked on the monkees. I wonder how she did that? *G* She has seen Davy and loves Mike. She is already saving for Mike's new book
Kathleen- great bud of mine. First friend I had made at St.Agnes She is always flirting with some guy. She is really a sweetie Not a monkees fan but knows Daydream Believer:)
Lauren- AAAAHH!! I just met Lauren and she rocks! I have no idea what I would do with out her! She lives pretty far from me. She is vice-president of Headquaters which is really outasite. A Micky fan. We are taking the UPS guy who left me album on the step on to Jerry Springer show. He better hide!! tee hee:)
Kat- I have know Kat for a little bit now. She really rocks:) She loves the Beatles. She lives very far from me but we agree on a lot of stuff
Chris- have know Chris for a year now and gosh he is really awesome. He loves THe Beatles!! And he also has a band who rocks. I can't wait for the CD!! :)
Julie- Finally a Davy fan!!! I met Julie on ICQ not to long ago and we both like one really groovy thing: DAVY JONES!!:)
Vanessa or Nezza- I met Nezza by her fanclub, Headquaters. She is really awesome. She even has Papa Nez's autograph:) I think that rocks A pretty BIG Nez fan
Jenny- I met Jenn on ICQ. She rocks! She helped me on me page and I can always talk to her about my favorite thing, The Monkees even If She is Micky fan. uumm many of me friends like Micky!!
Brit- I also met Brit on ICQ. She loves Davy!! Yea! She is awesome and has a great page! I can't believe I didn't have it on me links before, Brit!!!
Erin- babe, I can't believe I had forgotten you?!?!?! What was I thinking? Well I am a long hair werido:) Erin rocks! I known her for like ever! She is a hippie and does live far away:( But I see her all the time She has her own site too, More of the Monkees:)

Now If I forgot anybody, me sorry!! Email me and yell at me!! Lets see I'm a long haired werido. I am a huge flower child. I have 7 Beatle shirts. I have sevral love beads which I made by myself:) And thing eles you wanna know, ask! But thats really all to me

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