I know that sounds like a silly statement," said adorable Mindy Feldman, "but I'm one Mouse that was born to a bunny."

Laughing, nine-year old Mindy continued, "Let me explain myself before everyone thinks I'm crazy: my mother was a Playboy Bunny and when I became a mini-mouseketeer everyone said, 'Hey, a mouse born to a bunny'. It started out as a joke but somehow it stuck. Now I think it's kind of cute."

While Mindy, a Fourth-of-July baby is the youngest of the Mouseketeers, she has more credits than any of her fellow Mouseketeers. A professional model since she was 18 months old, Mindy has appeared in numerous print ads and almost a dozen commercials.

"I think I enjoyed appearing on the rock variety television special, Ripoff, the most. It was hosted by my dad, Robert Feldman, a musician in the band Sundance."

"I love listing to dad play the guitar," a proud Mindy said. "In fact, when I grow up I would like to be a lead guitarist just like him. I still want to be a dancer and an actress, but when I listen to my dad play, wow, he's dynamite!"

Unlike the other Mouseketeers, when Mindy auditioned for the New Mickey Mouse Club, she didn't know how to sing or dance. "She had such a delightful personality, it didn't matter," said one top man at Disney studios. "She didn't sing or dance only because she never had any training in either one of the two, but she had the ability to learn quickly and we knew after watching her on camera she was definitely 'in'. With a personality like Mindy's, we couldn't let her get away."

Her beautiful mother, Sheila Feldman, tells it the way it is: "It was a but discouraging for Mindy at first. She was trying so hard to do everything and she was getting angry at herself if she wasn't the best in everything. I tried explaining to her that she was only a child, and people didn't expect her to do everything the best, but that wasn't a good enough answer for Mindy. She's a very determined young lady and when she wants to do something badly enough, she'll do it. Now she's taking dancing lessons and loving every minute of it."

"The kids working with me are really terrific," Mindy said with a big smile. "The older Mouseketeers are always there to help me with the new routines and production numbers so by the time we are ready to be in front of the camera, I know what's happening."

"As much as I love show business, I love sports and animals as well. Let's just say that I'm really a lover of life," she said. "I've been very lucky and I realize that I know there are many girls my age that would love a chance to be in this business, but like it happened to me, it could happen to them. I just never stopped hoping and dreaming about show business."

Mindy lives on a small ranch in Chatsworth, California with her parents. "If that's not enough," she said with a big gleam in her eyes, "let me tell you about my pony, Flash, our five dogs, six cats, seven ducks and oh yes, my younger brother Corey, who also lives with us. We have a full home filled with love!"

-- From Teen Beat Magazine, January 1978