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This Website is devoted to Corey Feldman's big sister (and co-star in South Beach Academy and Busted), once a child star in her own right, and the cutest little girl to ever wear the Mouseketeer Ears before national television on a regular basis!!

Note: this site is still under construction, and though I have a reservoir of Mindy's images from her New Mickey Mouse Club days, I have only about three from later years, and only one from her post-NMMC movies and TV appearances. I have some video, but not the means to capture images from it. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated and will be duly credited!

How I became a Mindy fan
Note: this story is primarily geared for visitors to my New Mickey Mouse Club Renaissance Project Home Page.

Mindy's Biography from 1978

Mindy, The Mouseketeer...

The Model...

And The Actress!

Please direct any comments and questions to dm-1FRAGSPAM@mindspring.com. (Remove FRAGSPAM to mail) I also welcome any contributions in the form of images and especially vidcaps of Mindy to further improve this site!

Visit my other Website, The New Mickey Mouse Club Renaissance Project Home Page for more about Mindy and her NMMC castmates! There you can find schedules of Mindy's upcoming TV appearances, and don't miss our weekly chat sessions either!

This isn't the only site about Mindy. Check out the poetry on Vince Boston's Mindy Feldman Fan Page!

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