Mindy's 1997 Academy Players Directory headshot

Mindy Feldman, Actress

Since the New Mickey Mouse Club, Mindy has made several appearances in movies and on TV, and until recently was among the last of the 70's Mouseketeers to be still active in showbiz.

Her 1997 Academy Players Directory entry -- from which the headshot at right was taken -- lists NMMC, Highway to Heaven, and General Hospital, and that Mindy's special skills are: Dancer, Singer, Equestrian, Motorcyclist, and Water Skiier.

Mindy's Resumé

Please Note that this is all that I can confirm:

Unconfirmed Mindy Sightings

About the only way I can get the truth on any of these is from the mouth of Ms. Feldman herself, and so far she has only been able to confirm that she wasn't on Psychic Friends. :-)