The front side from the Dorothy Day Otis Agency composite

Mindy Feldman, Model

Prior to becoming a Mouseketeer, Mindy had been a professional model since she was 1 1/2, appearing in numerous print ads and nearly a dozen commercials.

I once suspected her to have been in the JC Penney Fall and Winter 1977 Catalog, but have been unable to obtain one, until recently. No Mindy anywhere within it, but plenty of Brooke Shields, so the next catalog I'm looking for is JC Penney Christmas '77.

Below, we have the rest of the Dorothy Day Otis Agency composites of Mindy from 1977. Click on each picture on this page to bring up their full-size scans. Note that there is in existence another DDOA composite of Mindy, taken before she became a Mouseketeer -- I have personally seen this one and find her to be TOTALLY CUTE on both sides of the sheet, so if anyone out there has a spare copy to sell me or scan for me, you'll be greatly appreciated!

Mindy, the Curious

To the left, it appears our young heroine has been walking in the woods, has just stumbled onto something, and is giving it a rather inquisitive look. I'd sure like to know what's going on around here!

Mindy the Tomboy To the right is our little tomboy. The composite states that Mindy is a sports-oriented young lady, and it appears that baseball is one of her favorite events. Perhaps she's helping her little brother Corey prepare for his future role as a Bad News Bear!

Mindy, the Schoolgirl

To our left is a very happy schoolgirl. By all accounts, Mindy put everything into whatever she set out to do, no doubt schoolwork is no exception. Did she just come from aceing her tests, . . . or is school now out for the summer?

Mindy, the Farmgirl Finally to our right is the farmer's daughter. Mindy works hard in tending to her dogs, cats, ducks, and pony on the family ranch. Note the twin ponytails -- darken the hair and add some greenish-silver facepaint, and Mindy could be the next DynaGirl!

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