Mindy Feldman, Mouseketeer!

The #1 reason Mindy is a favorite among New Mickey Mouse Club fans is that she was closer to their ages and thus easier to relate to -- though the majority of Mindy's castmates were at least 3 or 4 years older and of junior high/middle school age, NMMC's target audience was the elementary school crowd.

Mindy proved to be the quintessential Mouseketeer. Note the below picture from the "Surprise Day" opening theme number:

Mindy's the only one holding her Mouse Ears down as Donald Duck's tires were about to explode, while the rest are merely plugging their normal ears!

The Many Hairstyles of Mindy

Though Mindy's hair was basically the same throughout The New Mickey Mouse Club's run, the stylist loved to introduce variations. Note the following examples from four of the five theme days:

These, and many more, coupled with the subtle changes in Mindy's face shape as she grew older during the series' production, often made one wonder if one were looking at the same girl from episode to episode, or sometimes even segment to segment within an episode!

The Many Waves of Mindy

Observe the trio of pictures on top of this page -- Mindy can always be counted on to let the audience know they were recognized! More salutations below:

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