Labbatt Park Fund

So seat licenses are out of your price range. Maybe you don't live in Montreal so a brick isn't the answer for you. You've already written the politicians but you want something else to do. Well, the answer is the newly created Labbatt Park Fund.

The fund works like this. You send 5$ or more to the Expos to be put towards the construction of the new Labbatt Park stadium. Although this is comparatively small, even 5$ is a good symbolic gesture to show the Expos that baseball fans across Canada, North America and the World want to keep the team in Montreal. So send your crisp 5$ bill in to the Expos at the following address and you'll be doing your part to show to the non-believers that there are people who want to keep the team in Montreal.

P.O.BOX 500 STATION ' M ' 
H1V 3P2            Atten.  LABATT PARK STADIUM FUND

You can send them a check, money order or cash either as a donation or anonymously. It would probably be a good idea to include a small note to say that the money is to be used towards the creation of Labbatt Park and that you really want to see the team survive.

A few questions concerning the Labbatt Park Fund

Q: Is this fund in any way connected with the Montreal Expos Baseball Club?
A: No. This fund is not being solicited by the Expos in anyway. The idea was thought up by an Expos fan living outside of the Quebec and I'm doing my part to send the word out. The money will be used towards the new Labbatt Park but the money is not being asked for by the Expos.

Q: Do you have to send 5$?
A: There's no fixed sum you need to send. The Expos would appreciate receiving as much or as little as you have to offer. The whole point is to show them the number of people who are willing to send a little of their own money to help keep the team in place. 5 dollars is simply an ammount which is enough to show that you care but not too much to seriously affect one's cash flow (Just don't go into Starbucks next week).

So send in your money and spread the word. If enough people send in their 5$, it would be good publicity for the stadium and it would show people that many people want to keep the team in Montreal. If you've sent in any money, e-mail me at I'd like to keep track of the money which has been sent in. I'll also answer any questions about the fund or the Expos which you might have.

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