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Help Keep Baseball in Montreal!

Problems have returned to baseball's most troubled franchise. While it looked as if Jeffrey Loria would be the saviour of this team, it now appears that Loria is not the saviour but the villain in this never-ending saga. Loria failled to renew the land option for the site where Labatt Park will be built and rumours have swirled that Loria intends to move the team and is merely nothing more than a carpetbagger.

In the re-launch of this site, I will try to include different takes on what's going on since often newspaper stories don't tell the entire picture. If you have any views on the proposed stadium, whether they be negative or positive, fell free to e-mail me and I'll discuss them with you and maybe post your comments here if you want.

Due to the ownership transfer between Brochu and Loria, most of the promotions such as "buy a brick" and any seat license sales are currently not being offered. As soon as any information on this or anything else is made available, it will be made public here and in the newsletter.

Lattest News...

Stay tunned for major news in the next few days regarding the new "Save our Expos" site at!

City, Province fed up with Expos

Expos drop ball-park land
Expos on the move?
Going to bat for the Expos
Stephen Bronfman to make crucial decision in bid to save Expos
Local Owners Have Cold Feet
Quebec Loria Can Play Hardball
Quebec Government Will not Help
Loria Set to Deal
Partnership to Save Expos Showing Stress Fractures

Lattest Views...

This section will feature the opinions of Expos fans across Canada and around the world who have views on the current situation. If you want others to see your view on the situation, e-mail me.

Montreal lives! (a must read!)
Montreal is a good baseball town
Why Bud Selig will save the Expos
Montreal is a great baseball town
Fans Insulted
End of the Expos in Montreal
Baseball using strong-arm tactics
Local Au Revoir, Nos Amours?
Local owners must save Expos
Calling Loria's Bluff
Expos will Move- When Hell Freezes Over
Quebec Owners to Blame
Loria Also to Blame
My Take on Current Crisis
Don't Blame the Fans

Making your Voice Heard

Right now the Expos fate is in the hands of Bud Selig so it is important to write to Selig, urging him to keep the team in Montreal. Try to stress that Montrealers will support the team with stable ownershup in a new park. Bud Selig often responds to faxes and he can be faxed at:

And written or phones at:
Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
245 Park Ave., 31st floor
New York, NY 10167
(212) 931-7800

Paul Beeston, Selig's right hand man, has always been very supportive of the Expos cause and it is definitely worth e-mailing him at:

And of course, you can always contact the Expos at:
Montreal Expos, L.P.
P.O. Box 500, Station M
Montreal, Qc H1V 3P2
Tel: (514) 253-3434
Fax: (514) 253-8282

In the end it may come down to politics which means it doesn't hurt to put in a bad word for the Expos towards the government:

Lucien Bouchard
Jean Chretien


Jean Chretien:

Prime Minister's Office
Langevin Block
80 Wellington St.
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A2
Phone: (613) 992-4211
FAX: (613) 995-0101

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Also on this Site...

Looking Beyond 5,000: In this article I wrote, I look at the Expos historical attendance compared to other teams to show that Montrealers have supported the team in the past and that the current attendance slump is nothing compared to what Cleveland and Atlanta among others endured in the 80's.

History of the Saga

I find it's very interesting to look back at the developement of this crisis in the Expos history and how it's unfolded. I've collected over 50 articles on the Expos ownership struggle over the past year and a bit and I've arranged them here chronologically. I've also subdivided the developements into 6 categories.

1.Begining of the Crisis:
The September 30th deadline looked so firm and things were definitely bleak as few people came forward in support of Labatt Park.

BallPark a Tough Sell: By Jack Todd
Numbers Don't Lie: By Jack Todd
Employees Rally to Save team
Fan's Rally to Save Team

2.Winter of Nothigness:
Menard and the rest of the consortium had until March 6th to buy out Claude Brochu. Yet during the '98-'99 winter very little happened.

Claude Brochu Steps Down
The Implications of the Mills Report
New Investors
MLB refuses to extend deadline
Could Texan Investors Save Team?
Mysterious Texans Reveiled
Brochu Speaks Out
Rumours of Hope

3.Darkest Hours:
Once the Expos missed the March 6th deadline, all appeared lost. No government help was on the horizon and Claude Brochu refused to sell his shares, prefering to go behind Montrealers backs and speak out about how baseball was doomed to fail in Montreal to the American media.

Crucial Weeks Aproaching
How to Fund a Stadium
Government Help?
Brochu the Grinch?
Government Proposal
Survey Says People Would Come to Labatt Park
The Nightmare of Incompetence
Buy a Ticket for Expos' Opener

4.Reason for Optimism:
Although thins looked bleak, towards the end of March, the Quebec government agreed to give the Expos 150 million dollars from the tourism budget, the event which is perhaps the most important during this whole struggle. Around the same time, 43,918 screaming fans packed the BigO for the season opener showing that Montreal does in fact love baseball.

Government Help Could Save Team!!!
It's a brand-new ball game
Ottawa Says it Helped Expos First
Brochu is millstone to Expos
Working on Fine Print
Menard Keeps Ball Rolling
43,918 Pack Big O!
Expos get ready to bid on land

5.Deadlines, Rumours, and Frustration:
For most of the 99 season, it was frustrating to be an Expos fan. Deadlines kept getting pushed back while the team struggled on the field. The media blasted low crowds and despite the fact that the team's future looked bright, Expos fans kept waiting for the word to be made official.

This is Getting Painful
Is Peladeau the Expos White Knight?
Expos upset over leaked letter
Expos New Stadium to Cost Over 175 Million$.
More Compagnies Look to Invest
Deadline unlikely this week
David Lorea visits Montreal
Expos fate in MLB's hands
Brochu must go!
Lattest Rumblings
First Watergate, now Expogate
Bronfman to help Expos
Montreal Gets More Time to Save Team
Expos Owners Meet
Loria Shows his Face
Baseball Okays Expos' Plan: Menard
Menard Says Support Positive, not Official
Long Trip for Expos Near End
Brochu Sets deadline
HOK Gives Expos a Hand
Expos Will Wait Longer
Expos Sale Vote on Hold
Does Loria Have Cold Feet?
All's Now Quiet on the Expos Front
Loria is Still the Man

6.A Happy Ending?
All looked rosy in Expos land. Read through to see if you can notice the warning signs.

On Sign Expos Will be Back
Nos Amours Will be Back
Local Ownership Okays Loria Group's Proposal
Stadium Plan has Some Changes
Despite Rumours, Expos are on Course
Expos Fans Can Relax
Expos Get Baseball's Blessing
Expos Safe at Home
Expos Are Here to Stay: Bachand
Loria Fulfills his Dream with Expos
Bronfman Name Back with Expos
'Better Late than Never'
Expos Reveil Plans for Labatt Park

Labatt Park Fund
If We Build It, They Will Stay

The Labatt Park Fund is very simple. Expos fans just send $5 to the Expos to be used towards the building of Labatt Park. It's a good symbolic gesture and if enough people participate, it will show the politicians and MLB that people do want the Expos to stay in Montreal. For the address to write to and the complete information on the Fund click here

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Remember to send me your comments and suggestions to Command central at:

This site is in no way affiliated with the Montreal Expos baseball club. I'm simply one fan trying to save the team.