Loria set for deal?

Canadian Press

Tuesday, June 6, 2000
Expos managing partner Jeffrey Loria is set to make an offer to the Quebec members of the team's ownership consortium to purchase their stakes in the team, and is considering moving the club to the U.S., TVA is reporting.

The local owners are expected to meet with Loria this week, when some momentous decisions on the team's future in Montreal are to be made.

Last Thursday, QFL Solidarity Fund president Raymond Bachand said the future of the team would be on the line.

In a meeting on May 18, Loria is reported to have asked the local owners for an extra $70 million, $30 million this year and $40 million next year.

Local owners don't want to inject any new money into the club, and Loria will have to turn to American partners, meaning that the franchise will most likely move to the U.S. Paul Roberge, president of Boutiques San Francisco, said last week that local owners were worried about the franchise's future in Montreal.

Jacques Menard, co-chairman of the Expos' ownership committee, was one of several members of local ownership to attend last night's game. He wouldn't comment on the rumours. "It behooves us to be careful with what we say, and say it in a timely fashion," Menard said. "I'm just not prepared to entertain that today. We're still dealing with the follow-up of the meeting two weeks ago." .

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