Expos ready to bid on land

By Sean Gordon

The Expos will make a long-term lease proposal this week to the federal government corporation that owns the site of a proposed downtown stadium.

The team met last week with the Canada Lands Corp., which holds the deed on the derelict railyard at the corner of Peel and St. Antoine Sts., to try and iron out the details of a multi-year lease. Although no deal has been struck, the corporation said it is favourable to agreeing to terms with the team.

The Expos held a purchasing option on the land that expired on Sunday, but Canada Lands said yesterday it isn't going to market the land to other prospective buyers until all avenues have been exhausted with the team.

Should the two sides reach agreement on the $20-million property, another impediment would be removed in the ownership consortium's bid to build a new stadium, seen as key to saving Major League baseball in Montreal.

Well, itís good to finally get some news. Itís important to get this land deal secured since the team needs some momentum. Theyíll also have to finalize a deal with the provincial government and get their proposal approved by MLB. After that, the lone hurdle would be the big show down with Brochu as the club tries to force him to sell his shares.

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