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Please remember that these are for your personal enjoyment only. They are not for sale and are not to be sold. Names of products are owned by thier parent companies which are specified on each corresponding page. Thank you!

January 1999

Recipe Books these are a set of my favorite cookbooks that I know miniature's of all kinds will love to use. They cover just about all of the food catagories.

Soda Cans these are popular soda drinks that you can make for your miniature kitchen.

PuzzlesgÆ these are three fun puzzles for your miniature folks to enjoy on those evenings when you don't feel like being the center of attention.

Library Here is Wee Tyme's personal Library. Open 24 hours and 7 days a week. Stop in and check out our books and magazines that we have in stock.  UPDATED 3/27/99

Medicine Cabinet Here is Wee Tyme's personal medicine cabinet. Take a look in here to see if you need any of these products for your miniature home.  NEW!!!!!

Sewing Section  Here you will find patterns and assorted items that go along with sewing . NEW!!!!!

Lawn and Garden Here you will find seeds, ideas  and other items that go along with the lawn and garden theme.  NEW!!!!! 4/7/99

Art Gallery Here you will paintins by some of the worlds best artist called the "Old Masters". Come and enjoy yourself. NEW !!!! 4/7/99

Office Supplies Here you will find necessary items needed to run a smooth office. NEW!!! 4/7/99

Tiles Section Here are some tiles that i picked up at a hardware store that are suitable for floors, walls, exterior areas as well as web graphics (if you choose this option you may need to lighten) NEW!!! 4/7/99

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