Wisdom Through the Ages

The Earth and her many cultures of people experience a new change in values and religious concepts about every 2,000 years. This corresponds with the relative motion of the Sun and Earth in what Plato called "The Great Solar Year". The progression of the Ages can be measured by the position of the Sun in relation to the constellations of the Zodiac at the time of the Spring Equinox.

The Sun takes approximately 2,150 years to pass through each of the Zodiacal signs, making a complete cycle each 25,800 years. For example, we very recently experienced the very beginning of the 2 millenia cycle of the Aquarian Age. About 2,000 years ago the "Bethlehem Star" marked the dawning of the Age of Pisces, the Fish. About 2,150 years prior to that, Moses helped usher in the Age of Aries, the Ram. For the two millenia prior to that, the Egyptians rose to power in the Age of Taurus, the Bull (Ba'al). The following is an accounting of humanity's progress and landmarks throughout the past eleven Ages since the Great Flood.

In the early days after the Great Flood,
the Himalayan Mountains became the place of refuge
three of the races of People who had served as hosts
for the spirits of the Children of the Celestial World.
On the north slopes of the mountains were people with
slanted, narrow eyes and yellow skin. On the southern slopes
were people with dark skins, and on the western slopes
there dwelt the remnant of the Seal People,
with pale skin, and tending mighty herds of beasts.
Yet, all three had sprung from the same ancient intelligence,
so ancient as to be almost forgotten even then.

Once again, as after each previous destruction,
the tribes of people dwelt in savagery for seven generations.
Then, once again, the Creator sent the angels,
perfected people of the former races,
back to the mortal realm of earth to serve as teachers.
There appeared in every tribe of people over the entire earth,
a man who taught the savages a true religion,
which is a combined wisdom of the Spirit Father and Earth Mother.
And they taught the religion in five parts:
Agriculture, Music, Dancing, Astrology and the Healing Arts.
They taught that the practice of these five arts of religion
was the true worship of the Father and Mother,
and the basis for advancement along the Way to Perfection.
Thus, they once again established the Old Wisdom Religion.

When questioned as to who they were,
all the teachers replied, "We are the Children of God.
We are One with our Creator ,Father, and are of One Mind."
In the old language, the name for this Oneness was "Pan".
Then, as in ancient times, these Sons of God took wives
from among the daughters of the Seal People,
and thus were born the Mighty Men of Old.
This happened at the beginning of the age
when the Sun was influencing the stars of Capricorn, the Goat.
So these Children of God were typified in legend
as the Great God, Pan, for their minds were as One.
The legendary pictures of Pan as half-man and half-goat
were intended to cause future ages to remember the Age
in which the Great Teacher first returned to the
tribes of people after the Great Flood.

And Pan issued certain laws to the people
by which the tribes should live in harmony with one another.
First, it was a bill of rights for all people,
and secondly is was to be the basis of their government.
He taught the tribes to live in peace
and to dwell in the forests, and to worship in sacred groves.
These were the first and true temples of the People.

But, by the precession of its motion through the heavens,
the Sun left the stars of Capricorn
and the religions of the world began to change.
The Wise teachers began to teach a new concept of worship,
for is was now the Age of Sagittarius, the Nomad.
In this religion, heaven is a happy hunting ground
where people can freely wander in peace,
with all their needs provided by the Father Sun and Mother Earth.
These concepts can still be found preserved in the religions
of many Native American traditions.

At the dawning of this new age, a band of Celtic tribesmen
descended from the western slopes of the great mountains
into the land of Greece, riding proudly upon their horses.
The Greeks, amazed at the equestrian skill of these nomads,
called them Centaurs, for the men and horses moved together
as if they were one creature.
The leader of these horsemen was a great and wise teacher
by the name of Chiron, who instituted schools of wisdom
and healing throughout the lands of ancient Greece.
Of the many who studied the teachings of Chiron,
there arose one whose wisdom and understanding exceeded all others.
His name was Aescalapius, meaning "the man-teaching serpent".

He was a descendant of the most ancient of races
who had evolved upon the land mass west of the Mediterranean,
which the philosopher Plato called Atlantis.
This great teacher of the Serpent People took the teachings of Chiron
and established the first universities throughout Greece,
and is thus remembered as the Father of Western Wisdom.
These ancient schools remained in practice for many ages to come.

But the Sun continued in it's celestial motion,
and after about 2,000 years it entered the constellation Scorpio.
The people then began to forsake their nomadic customs
and settled their families in one place to farm the land.
They elevated the Agricultural part of the Old Wisdom Religion
until the worship and stewardship of Mother Earth became
of prime importance. The people used their minds to probe
into the great mysteries of Life, and the great cycles
of Birth, Growth, Death and Rebirth seen in all of Nature.
As the populations grew, great cities were built around
the lush farmlands of the Fertile Crescent,
and most beautiful of all was Babylon,
with her beautiful hanging gardens that became known
as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Then the Sun entered into the constellation Libra,
and the Wise Ones initiated yet another new religion.
Farming had brought great prosperity to the fertile regions
of the Earth over the past 2,000 years, and many great cities
had flourished into cultural centers of ancient splendor.
A natural offspring of this abundance was the growth of
commerce and business, and this became the basis of the religion
for the Age of Libra. The people began to build temples
to store the treasures of precious stones and metals that the
Earth had yeilded up to them along with a wealth of grains.
For the first time, people began to worship money.
A trace of all the ancient religions of the Ages
can be found surviving in various forms in modern culture,
and to this day there are those whose very lives and souls
are based upon the worship and pursuit of material wealth.

But, while the majority of the world lagged behind
in this material pursuit, the priesthood of the Wise
moved on to the religion of the Age of Virgo, the Perfect Woman.
As the Sun touched the stars of this constellation,
the People began to worship the Mother Goddess.
For the first time, womanhood was elevated to a position of supremacy.
Great temples were consecrated to Isis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Cybele,
Demeter, Hecate, Diana, Nutpe, Amaterasu, Gaea, Rhea, Freya, Danu, Ana,
and many other names of the Goddess of various tribes and nations.
For 2,000 years the worship of the feminine spirit continued
until the Sun touched the first stars of the constellation Leo.

With the dawning of this fiery, masculine Age,
the men rebelled against the rule of the Mother Goddess,
and Father Sun assumed prime importance in the new religions.
The greatest religion of that time was established by Zoroaster,
who resolved the reactionary turmoil with a religious doctrine
in which the Duality of the universe prevailed.
Everything is either male or female, active or passive,
light or darkness, good or evil, and so forth.
Both the light of Father Sun and the nurturing of Mother Earth
are necessary for the growth and happiness of their Children.
A primary element unique to the religions of the Age of Leo
was the worship of cats in the temples and homes of the people.
Some great tributes to that Age have survived from the ancient
civilizations of Egypt and the Americas,
where Temples of the Sun remain standing to this day.

But, as always, the Sun continued in its journey across the heavens,
and entered into the constellation of Cancer,
the sign of good living, wines, food, and softness.
A new religion arose in Greece at that time in the worship
of Bachus, who taught the people how to use wine as a means
of Communion between the minds of people and with their God.
But as the Age progressed, the Bachanalian festivals
degenerated into orgies of feasting and sexual activity.
But even then, they maintained a spiritual nature to their rites.

Two thousand years later, under the leadership of the Magi,
the religion of Gemini was established among the Celtic tribes
that were rapidly expanding along the waterways of Europe.
The symbol of Gemini is that of two tree trunks standing together.
At that time, the priests and teachers became known as Druids,
or the "Priests of the Groves" mentioned in the Bible.
They taught the Celtic people that the highest religion
was obedience to the first commandment of the Heavenly Father,
to dress and keep the earth as a Garden for the happiness of mankind.
Therefore, the people were taught to save the seeds of all fruits
and nuts in a pouch. Whenever they rested in their travels,
they were to place a seed in the Earth as a tribute of thanks.
This they did throughout the whole continent of Europe
until the entire land was covered with trees and vines
bearing fruits, nuts and berries.

People traveled freely from Greece and Persia to the
coastlines of the Baltic and North Seas, from Scandinavia
to southern Italy. This they did because there was
no concept of private property in the entire world at that time.
They followed their teachers in small groups,discussing religion and philosophy, as they wandered north and south, living upon the fruitful bounty of the forests.

All of Europe began to resemble what the world will be like
when people obey the very first commandment of God to his children:
"Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth
and make the whole world a Garden of Eden."
Certain people then decided to stay in one place and care for
the groves they loved in that particular area.
And the priestly leaders of these tribes became known as
"Priests of the Groves," or "Druids".

The Sun slowly traced its arc through the stars of Gemini
until it reached the constellation Taurus, and another
new Age dawned. Once again, the priesthood of Wisdom
prepared for the next reveiling of the Father's Plan.
Now the carefree, wandering minstrels and philosophers gave way
to the possessive, self-centered nature of Taurean thought.
For the first time, the world was divided into mine and thine
and the love and hoarding of possessions started.
These possessions even extended to people, and the strong
tribal leaders of the Taurean priesthood gathered together
vast harems and herds of slaves from conquests of their
neighboring tribes and nations. Before long, however,
the wealth became centered around only a few families.
Soon, even the common man was little better off than a slave.

Egypt became the center of power in this Age
with the rise of the Pharoahs, who used thousands of slaves
in the building of huge pyramids and temples
as places to store their vast accumulated wealth,
which they believed would accompany them into the afterlife.
The symbol of the Bull became a prevalent figure
in the temples and palaces of the Age. Even the Druids
raised herds of sacred white cattle for there ceremonies
and sacrificial offerings during that Age of Taurus.

At the dawning of this magnificent Age,
a man named Hermes sought training the ancient mystery schools of
Aescalapius. He carried these teachings of Wisdom to Egypt,
where the early Pharoahs became adepts of magic under his instruction.
His understanding of metaphysics, or universal laws, were summed up
in nine basic concepts, known as The Hermetic Principles.
A renewed understanding of these principles has become the basis of
"Modern Physics" and "Quantum Mechanics".
The Egyptian priesthood deified this great Teacher as "Thoth".
The ancient Romans referred to him as the god "Mercury".
He is also sanctified as Hermes Trismegistus, or Thrice Blessed.
The original teachings were said to have been inscribed
on tablets of emerald, the sacred stone of Taurus.
Thus was the Wisdom of Chiron carried into the Egyptian Mysteries.

Moses was born at the end of this era,
just as the Sun was preparing to touch the stars of Aries.
He was raised in the court of the Pharoahs, and studied
the wisdom and magickal practices of the Egyptian priesthood.
From his studies in Astrology, he knew that a new age
was dawning, and that the priesthood must prepare for it.
He went to the Pharoah and the High Priests with his message,
but they were too complacent in their wealth and power.
So Moses turned, instead to the slaves and outcasts of Egypt
and led them out into the desert where he cleverly wandered
around for four generations, until all the people
of many different tribes had become one Hebrew nation,
the Chosen People of the Arian Age.
When he found his brother, Aaron and some other priests
fashioning a golden idol of a Sacred Bull,
it angered Moses because he had taught them to leave behind
the worship of the past, and prepare for the Age to come.
And the Age of Aries became the time of the Shepherd Kings
when the Lord was their Shepherd, and a young lamb was
the principle sacrifice to the God who had guided them.
The wisdom of this age reached a peak of glory
in the reign of Solomon, who restored the Old Wisdom Religion
to the temples of his vast and prosperous kingdom.

Then the Piscean Age approached, and the priesthood
witnessed a new rise in power as Rome began it's conquest
of all the known world. Old ways were forced to yeild
to the new order of the universe as prescribed by Caesar.
As the age of Pisces, the Fish, grew near in its time,
a Wise Man came from Greece and traveled into Egypt.
He was known only as"The Teacher of Righteousness".
He established two colonies of his followers in Egypt
where they were called Therapeuti .
Then he came into Asia Minor to establish nine more colonies.
There they were known as Essenes , or "Healers".
The Essenes flourished and gained great respect from the people.

Several years later a young priest left the Essene colony
in Galilee and began to teach along the River Jordan.
His name was John, and he first began the Piscean religion.
To teach the people that they were entering into a new Age,
he threw them into the water and pulled them out like fish
to symbolically begin life anew in the Age of Pisces.
His teachings gained great popularity, reaching out to
not only the poor, but even among the nobility of Judea.
Here he was predoomed to failure by the fatal jealousies
of the king's wife. When he would not succumb to her passions,
she arranged to have him beheaded.

It was John's cousin, Jeshua ben Josef, who would
become the key figure in the religion of the Piscean Age.
At the time of his birth in the town of Bethlehem,
the planets Venus, Jupiter and Mars came together in the sky
in an alignment directly over this remote desert village.
Three Wise Men, or Magi from the eastern temples of Persia and Chaldea
had studied the approaching orbits of the planetary bodies
and plotted their alignment over the nearby region of Judea.
Biblical records state other local priests and astrologers
who also witnessed the birth of Jeshua, or Jesus,
when the planets gleamed like a brilliant new star overhead.

It is recorded that this young boy reached an Enlightenment
at the age of twelve, and at the advice of the local priests,
Josef and Mary brought their precocious son to the
Essene community of Qumran, where he studied the ancient Wisdom
until he was ready to begin his Mission for the Piscean Age.
Other sources tell of his travels abroad from Persia to Britain,
in the trading ships of his uncle, Josef of Arimathea.
This same uncle later settled in Britain, at Glastonbury,
where he founded the first Christian church on the Isle of Albion.

At the age of 30, Jeshua returned to his homeland and began his mission.
The last few years of his life are too well documented in the Bible
and doctrines of Christian faith to be rewritten here.
But in these many writings, two interesting facts emerge.
Christ is a name, in Latin, used by the Romans to describe
the spirit of the Teacher that dwelt within the form of Jeshua.
In the Greek Orthodox tradition, he is called Chiro ,
and the letters chi ( X ) and rho ( P ) are often seen
superimposed over one another as a symbol for the Christ spirit.
This is a direct reference to him as the remanifestation of Chiron,
the immortal teacher and healer who came to Greece with the equestrian Celts
in the Age of Sagittarius, as mentioned earlier in this writing.
In old German bibles, the red letters of quoted sentences
are preceded by the name Pan Jesus , the original name
given to this eternal Teacher of the Way by the Germanic tribes.

In the early morning hours of December 25, 1970,
the Moon passed into the Seventh House
and Jupiter aligned with Mars and Venus
over the center of the North American continent.
This was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius,
and the words of a popular song heralded its arrival.
After more than 25 years, the Sun has barely moved across
the first few stars of the constellation.
We have only begun to enjoy the thrills and adventures
of the Golden Age of Knowledge.
The stone calendars of the Toltecs and Mayans have revealed
that the Cycles of Light will finally dawn in the year 2012.
As this critical time approaches, more and more people
will experience an awakening of the spirit and strive to live
more in harmony with the other beings that share this Earth.

It is prophesied that in this final age of the Great Cycle
all the Wisdom of past ages shall be restored
in the hearts and minds of the People.
All the Old Ones, the perfected beings of ages past
shall return to human form, in mortal life, to teach
and guide the offspring of the Celestial World
to seek and achieve their Spiritual Perfection.

At the end of this age, two thousand years from now,
if at least one third of the people of this world
can fine-tune their thoughts and spirits to the frequency
of the celestial world, freed of negative mortal desires,
and At-One with the spirit of the Lord of this world,
we may be able to create a new celestial world to enjoy.
We could be a part of the crew of the Star-ship Earth,
as it raises in vibrational frequency to ignition level
and sets course for a peaceful little corner of space,
not too far from our home in the Solar system,
and begin raising a planetary system of our own.

To the less Enlightened souls who cannot join us
in that great new frontier of Celestial Space,
it will appear as if we all disappeared into a Lake of Fire,
cast into Outer Darkness until we are just another
bright twinkle in the skies over whichever planet
The Father and Mother prepare for them to begin life anew.

For information and instruction in how to be an active part in
the Aquarian Age evolution, enroll in THE MENTAL SCIENCE INSTITUTE.


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