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The Eternal Search for Wisdom and Enlightened Beings

Diogenes was first known in ancient Greece as a man who dedicated his life to the search for intelligent sentient beings with knowledge and practice of the Arts of Wisdom.

After centuries of travel and thousands of replaced sandals, the most magickal instrument of the Internet has been discovered. Now the entire planet can be traversed in a matter of seconds at the touch of one's fingers.

Hail to Bill Gates, the PROMETHEUS of the Aquarian Age.
Is Microsoft really a secret cover for the Illuminati?

The light of Wisdom can be found in all cultures and in many diverse philosophies. Throughout the many Ages of Humankind they have been known as the Magi, Druids, Viziars, Shamans, Gurus, Medicine Men, Wiccans, Living Buddhas, Prophets, Saints, Lamas, Brahmans, Rabbis, Priests and countless other terms.

None is greater or wiser by nature than any other. Each religion has its own intrinsic system of teachings and worship, and is a reflection of the spiritual nature of its host culture.

In the many incarnations which we have experienced, the most wise have traveled throughout the many cultures of the world, seeking experience within the temples and religions that are found within them. This is the premise of this page and the purpose of its searching. But, in your travels, be aware of the hidden lynx along the Pathways.

Welcome, fellow traveler, to this cross-roads of the Sacred Path.
Within this page you will encounter many great truths and one outright lie.

Thank you for being one of the people to visit here.
(There were actually about 18,000 others before the Counter crashed in June, 2000)

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Illuminations :


The search for Wisdom begins with the daily practice of relaxing your mind and body. Find the Center of your own spiritual nature, so you can find your true place in the Web of Life.
First enter into the Great Silence.
Take a few moments and MEDITATE on some peaceful thoughts.

Learn what you must do to find your HIGHER SELF.

During this time of rapid changes in our world cultures, it is most important to stay on the path of Love that leads through the Center of the Tao. Maintain an even balance of Yin and Yang within yourself and your interactions with the Life around you. This is the "Golden Mean" of the Hermetic Principles. Do not let yourself become immersed in the fear and hopelessness that is polarizing the consciousness of the people of the Earth. Seek the Inner Peace that will guide you to see beyond the Darkness to the Dawn that lies just beyond your spiritual awakening.


Once you become aware of your need for spiritual fulfillment it is helpful to find others who are of kindred spirit to share the experiences and joys that come from this search for Knowledge. There are many spiritual pathways in the diverse cultures of our world. To be a part of the World Family, we must know more about the WORLD RELIGIONS

Wisdom teaches us to be tolerant of the beliefs and customs of all our brothers and sisters . Understanding the basic philosophy of other religions will help you grow in your own spiritual awareness, and help you to find your own True Path.

A further understanding of the world's cultures can be found within their MYTHOLOGY.

People of European descent have often searched for their spiritual roots within the religious customs and traditions of their ancestors.
is a resource for Native European spirituality and links to many Web sites of Celtic interest. You may also browse through a brief outline of CELTIC HISTORY

Many people have turned to the wisdom of

for learning how to reconnect with the Earth. Many teachers of the Good Medicine Way have opened their hearts and sacred teachings to those who are sincere in their quest. Follow the links on this page to find the wisdom of their Lodge fires.

On December 25, 1970 the Earth moved into a new era of religious understanding. A planetary alignment of Jupiter, Mars, and Venus created a brilliant star in the heavens to signal the dawning of
THE AGE OF AQUARIUS, the Golden Age of Knowledge.
Since that time, millions of people around the world have felt a calling for learning about Life, and how they can be a positive influence in bringing changes to improve the conditions of Earth.

The Internet abounds with the many facets of
Check here for indexes of links to many of them.

is an inspirational school of New Age teachings based on ancient Druidic wisdom from the teachings of Father Eli.

Computerized astrology charts and various readings -ALL FREE

Need some personal guidance from a TAROT READING ?

Would you like ASTROLOGY CHARTS drawn for the special times of your life?

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Other interactive divinations are provided by SUN ANGEL

Wanting to build your own Web page and don't know where to start?
Making travel plans? Need to look up a zipcode? Wanting medical or legal advice?
Check here for PRACTICAL INFORMATION about these
and many more interesting things.

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Each of us has understandings about Life, the Universe and Everything with a view that is uniquely own own. Wisdom comes through sharing our thoughts, visions, and dreams and giving attention to others who have Awakened to the higher levels of thought. The Internet has provided the means of reaching out across the globe to find others of like mind. The future will be determined by the seeds of thought that we hold within our minds. Remember to always nourish your inner being with positive energy and kind thoughts for everyone you connect with in your life.

Self control - NOT government control!
If you don't like what you see - Just keep surfin'!
Please let your politicians know how you feel about freedom of expression.


The Internet has opened up a vast, virtually limitless means of communicating with people of like mind around the world. Surf the Web on the sites of these WEB RINGS to find more insights of a similar nature. No endorsement is given or implied for what you find. Remember-- books and websites are only people expressing their views and understandings. That does not make it TRUE. You must be the one to decide which thoughts are true to YOU.
Bon Voyage!

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One Outright Lie
All of life is as it should be.
We are but bodies inhabiting a physical universe.
Resistance is futile.

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