Welcome to the Row Ring. The first Webring devoted to rowing clubs. 

A web ring links together web sites that have a common theme. In this case, rowing. There are thousands of web rings out there, but this is the only known rowing ring. If you would like to add your site to the Row Ring, simply fill out the form below. You will receive an email that includes the following: 
  • the HTML code that you must cut and paste onto your rowing web site. 
  • your Row Ring ID number 
  • the password that you have chosen 

  • I would like this ring to consist mainly of rowing CLUB websites, but if you think your site contains enough interesting rowing-related content, feel free to add your site URL to the queue. Prospective sites will be scrutinized closely and added to the ring if they are judged to be suitable. 

    Entry into a web ring is a great way to increase the traffic to your site. Search engine listings can only go so far in promoting your site. Rowing club websites are so specific in nature that unless someone has a particular reason to visit your site, they will not often choose to view your web site. A web ring can help in this situation. 

    Thank you for considering the Row Ring. See you on the water. 

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    Once you have submitted your site to the queue, you must add two elements to your web page. 

  • The HTML fragment. 
  • The image in the Row Ring banner (rowring02.jpg). 

  • The HTML fragment will be provided with the confirmation email after you submit your site. Simply copy and paste it to your web page. 

    The image appears below. Simply copy it from this page, and upload it to your server. If each member of the ring has their own copy of the image, it will reduce the download time. 

    When you are finished, your Row Ring banner should look like the following.

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    As an alternative, you may decide to use the older imagemap (of which I am still extremely proud). In this case, you will have to copy the image (rowring.gif) and use the "Veiw Source" to copy the HTML fragment for the imagemap. This option is only for webmasters who are familiar with HTML and imagemaps.
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